Ayurveda recipes

Ayurvedic recipes are delicious, healthy, fully-fledged, digestible and promote optimal health for each individual’s needs. In addition, By incorporating Ayurvedic principles into your cooking, you can support your body’s natural healing processes and maintain balance in your body and mind. Check out our collection of Ayurvedic recipes to make your daily life healthier. Each recipe also contains individual tips for your Dosha constitution.
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Photo of a coconut pudding with berries on a tray on the window. Ayurvedic recipes are delicious and also promote optimal health for every individual's needs.

Ayurveda Recipes Categories

photo of a white bowl of Pumpkin-spice porridge on a wooden table

Pumpkin-spice porridge

This pumpkin-spice porridge is a delicious twist on the traditional breakfast porridge that will warm…

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Image of masala chai in a beige mug with brown edges. The mug is on a decorated red tray and next to it is a heart-shaped glass bowl with dried fruits.

Masala Chai

This Masala Chai is a delicious, energizing tea that can be used to replace your…

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Photo of a wide flat plate with a bowl of Pinky Hummus, and a piece of toast with the hummus on the side

Pink Hummus

This pink hummus recipe, does not just look amazing, but also tastes really good. A…

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Photo of a double glass glass of glowy skin smoothie on top of a decorated red tray, along with a green flower vase.

Glowy skin smoothie

This smoothie recipe will make your skin glowy, it’s a green, delicious smoothie that will…

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Photo of Zucchini Salty Cake on a decorated brown plate. Next to the plate are cutlery on top of a decorated napkin.

Zucchini Salty Cake

This Zucchini Salty Cake is an compact lunch that delivers protein, fat, healthy carbohydrates, and…

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Photo of potatoes-peas stew recipe in a blue bowl on top of a decorated red tray. In the background of the image, you can see a decorative green vase.

Potatoes-peas stew

This potatoes-peas stew recipe is a plant-based protein-rich, nutritionally balanced option. Very well seasoned and…

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photo of a heart-shaped bowl of cashew and peach cream on top of a decorated round red tray with lavender flowers to decorate.

Cashew-Peach cream

This cashew-peach cream is an easy and nutritious dessert with a creamy texture and fruity…

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Photo of a flowery plate with millet patties and string beans. The dish is on a tray.

Millet patties

This millet patties recipe is a gluten-free meal that is very satisfying and versatile. Because…
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Photo of a bowl full of Nutty chocolate bars. You can see a hand holding the bowl, and in the background there is a vase of flowers.

Nutty chocolate bars

These Nutty chocolate bars are delicious and high in nutrients. A great alternative to protein…

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Photo of a Moon Milk mug. The mug is white with details of leaves and flowers. The mug is on top of a golden plate. Next to the mug are lavender flowers to decorate.

Moon Milk

Ayurveda cooking is the practice of using food, spices, and herbs as medicine to nourish…
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Photo of a double glass cup with mango lassi and a white and green paper straw. The glass is on a decorated red tray along with a plate of mangoes. Behind the tray is a blue vase in the shape of a watering can with pink flowers.

Mango lassi

This mango lassi recipe is a refreshing drink with a tropical touch, especially in the…

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The image shows a golden dish with falafel accompanied by a salad of lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Beside the plate is a bowl of sauce.

Falafel recipe

This falafel recipe is a protein-rich appetizer that can become easily a main dish using…

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Photo of Wake me up smoothie served in a double glass tumbler. In the picture, there is also a bowl with matcha powder.

Wake me up smoothie

An easy, delicious matcha smoothie that will boost your energy and could replace your morning…

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Photo of Ginger carrot soup served in a white bowl with red accents. Next to the bowl is a spoon on top of a decorated napkin.

Ginger carrot soup

This ginger carrot soup is delicious and super healthy. In Ayurveda, ginger is known to…

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Photo of Mung Bean Soup in a blue bowl with brown edges on a wooden table.

Mung bean soup

Mung beans are commonly used in Ayurvedic cooking and are a healing food due to…

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Photo of two glass jars full of Ghee, on top of a decorated red tray.


Ghee is one of the most important ingredients for Ayurvedic cooking. Also known as clarified…

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The role of your dosha in the Ayurvedic diet

In order to get the most out of our recipe collection, we recommend that you first identify your doshas. You can contact an Ayurvedic expert or check out this page to learn how to identify your dosha. Identifying your dosha is important for choosing the best recipes for your constitution. Learn more about doshas, their types, and their characteristics here.

Furthermore, in the recipe notes, we provide information on how each recipe can be better used by each dosha and if it should be avoided by any of them. Some dishes work very well for all three doshas, such as Kitchari, a traditional Ayurvedic dish made with lentils and rice. You can find the recipe for traditional Ayurvedic kitchari here and a European adaptation here.

Other points to pay attention to in your Ayurveda diet

It is also important to consider the time of day when consuming each type of dish. For example, raw foods such as salads, breads, and cheeses should be avoided at night for better digestion. Additionally, Ayurveda advocates for the use of fresh, organic, and natural ingredients in its recipes for better nutrient utilization. Learn more about the principles of Ayurveda cooking here.

In addition, Ayurveda recommends cooking with spices and herbs to enhance digestion, add flavor and aroma to dishes, and provide numerous health benefits. To have a more balanced and nourishing diet, try incorporating more Ayurvedic traditional herbs and spices into your cooking, check the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs here and spices here.

We also categorize our recipes to help you find the ones that fit your needs and dietary restrictions. We have recipes designed for the low-carb eating strategy, we have balanced vegan and vegetarian recipes, thinking about nutritional balance and protein intake.for people with gluten intolerance, we have gluten-free recipes, and we have Ayurveda recipes suitable for the dietary restrictions of people with diabetes.

Lastly, use this compendium of Ayurvedic recipes to inspire you to incorporate these principles into your cooking. Select your favorite recipes and enjoy.

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