Vegan creamy tagliatelle

Photo of Vegan creamy tagliatelle on a white plate decorated with flowers

This Vegan creamy tagliatelle is an easy and delicious pasta recipe with the creamy texture we love. Made with fresh, organic ingredients, this dish combines the rich, smoothness of a dairy-free sauce with the satisfying bite of perfectly cooked tagliatelle. It’s a perfect choice for a comforting meal. Besides, you can make this recipe gluten-free […]

Vegan Cherry Chocolate Smoothie with Superfood Triphala

Photo of Cherry Chocolate Smoothie in a glass cup on top of a decorated red tray. Next to the glass there is a flower arrangement, with an angel statue.

This Vegan Cherry Chocolate Smoothie is delicious and creamy with a chocolate note. Smoothie is an excellent breakfast or quick snack option for your day. This smoothie features a super food from Ayurveda: Triphala has sweet, sour, astringent, and bitter qualities, that help this smoothie to balance all doshas. To learn more about Triphala, check […]

Pink Hummus

Photo of a wide flat plate with a bowl of Pinky Hummus, and a piece of toast with the hummus on the side

This pink hummus recipe, does not just look amazing, but also tastes really good. A good recipe for children, especially if they refuse to eat chickpeas. The beautiful, bright appetizer will be a highlight for both children and adults. Not only are beets delicious and add vibrant color to any meal and this pink hummus, […]

Tridosha Balancing Smoothie Recipe

In the image there is a glass of the result of the tridosha balancing smoothie recipe, in a glass cup with a glass straw. The glass is on top of a decorated red tray and next to it there is also a bowl with diced mango and a small plate with the three powdered supplements used in the recipe. Next to the tray there is a white vase of pink flowers and a decorative Buddha statue. In the background of the image you can see a beautiful green lawn.

This tridosha balancing smoothie recipe is packed with antioxidants and is made with three valuable natural supplements: triphala, wheatgrass and matcha. This combination of superfoods comes together in this delicious mango smoothie. We could almost call it a medicine, but one that tastes good, is natural and has no bad side effects. Benefits of using […]

Glowy skin smoothie

Photo of a double glass glass of glowy skin smoothie on top of a decorated red tray, along with a green flower vase.

This smoothie recipe will make your skin glowy, it’s a green, delicious smoothie that will provide valuable nutrients for your skin. You might consider changing your beauty routine, and instead of applying a collagen serum to your skin, make yourself this smoothie.A healthy diet and collagen supplements are better ways to get your skin healthy […]

Chocolate pecan smoothie

Photo of a hand holding a glass of Pecan chocolate smoothie. In the background of the image there is grass.

This chocolate pecan smoothie is a dream for chocolate lovers who want to eat healthy, but still indulge in their favorite sweet delight. This smoothie offers a healthy, nutritious alternative to classic chocolate desserts, which are often packed with sugar and unhealthy processed fats. Overall, it is not about the isolated ingredients and their potentially […]

Celery avocado Detox Smoothie

Photo of a glass of celery-avocado detox smoothie on a well-decorated red tray. In the background there is a green vase

This green Celery avocado Detox Smoothie is a refreshing smoothie with a creamy texture and a lot of nutrients. It tastes good and makes you feel better. Smoothies are perfect for adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet in a practical, quick and delicious way. They are refreshing, versatile options and a great way […]

Detox energy smoothie

Photo of a glass with the detox energy smoothie. The glass is on a tray, decorated with a purple crystal and lavender flower

This Detox energy smoothie recipe is packed with superfoods! It is not only delicious and creamy but also extremely healthy. Check out all our recipes in the compendium here. You can also check our YouTube channel for more recipe videos. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for Ayurveda. You should never skip […]

Zoodles with vegan cheese sauce

Photo of a flowery plate with Zoodles with vegan cheese sauce. Next to the plate is a napkin with a golden fork.

This Zoodles(Zucchini noodles) recipe with vegan cheese sauce is a low-carb, dairy-free, and gluten-free lunch that is perfect for summer. It is a great alternative for people with diabetes. Check out all our recipes in the compendium here. You can also check our YouTube channel for more recipe videos. Zucchini is a very versatile ingredient […]

Vegan pasta Bolognese

Photo of a plate of Vegan Pasta Bolognese. Beside the plate is a decorated napkin.

This Vegan pasta Bolognese recipe is a delicious vegan alternative to one of the most popular pasta recipes. Check out all our recipes in the compendium here. You can also check our YouTube channel for more recipe videos. Bolognese is one of the most traditional and appreciated pasta recipes. To make this much-loved recipe accessible […]

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