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Food as Medicines

Healthy food is the best medicine. For Ayurveda, a natural and healthy diet is the key to staying away from a lot of diseases. In addition, several foods work as Ayurvedic medicines to treat many conditions.

You can find all of our amazing recipes here and more content about ayurveda cooking.

Photo of soup. There are powerful Ayurvedic food that works as medicines in nature that can be used to treat various conditions of the body and mind.
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Homemade Ghee

Ghee is a superfood and ayurvedic food medicine. This most ancient Satvik diet can cure all the countries. It is best in pacifying Vata and Pitta, as well as balancing Kapha. It provides healthy fats, which are essential for a healthy liver and immune system. Homemade ghee is better than adulterated ghee from the market. You must be shaking your head in denial saying that it is full of saturated fat. Have some patience. It is unhealthy to put such demerit polyunsaturated fat in ghee on fire because by doing so, paraxads and any free radicals come out. Many diseases and problems arise because of these substances. This also means that all edible oils of vegetable origin are more or less injurious to health.

For more information about Ghee, check out this video from our Ayurveda expert.

Ghee is beneficial

The case of ghee is a bit different. That is because the smoking point of ghee is very high compared to other fats. This is the reason why it does not burn easily while cooking. Stable saturated bonds are very high in ghee, due to which the possibility of free radicals is very less. The body easily digests the short fatty acid chain of ghee. Till now everyone was explaining that desi ghee is the biggest root cause of diseases.

A powerful food and Ayurvedic medicine that can lower cholesterol

Research on ghee shows that it reduces the cholesterol present in the blood and intestines if you combine ghee with a diet. This happens because ghee increases the secretion of biliary lipids. Ghee is the best ayurvedic medicine for the nervous system and brain. This reduces the pressure on the eyes, so it is also beneficial for glaucoma patients. Maybe this information has taken you by surprise. Ghee acts as a catalyst to increase the flow of stomach acids, which improves digestion. Other fats do not have this quality. Butter, oil, etc. slow down the digestion process and sit inactive in the stomach. You wouldn’t want that. Ghee is rich in antioxidants and helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals obtained from other foods.

It nourishes every surface of all the tissues of the body and strengthens the immune system. It is also rich in butyric acid, a fatty acid that has antiviral properties. Due to them, the growth of cancer formation could be reduced. Ghee works very well on blisters caused by burns. Ghee helps to enhance memory and develop the tendency to learn.

To eat ghee or not

If you are healthy, then definitely eat ghee, because it is safer than butter. It has more nutrients than oil. You must have seen the residents of Punjab and Haryana. They eat tons of ghee but are the fittest and hard-working. Although the results of further research on ghee are yet to come, since ancient times, ghee has been used in Ayurveda as a medicine for the treatment of ulcers, constipation, eye diseases as well as skin diseases.

Precautions in the consumption of ghee

To make ghee, get high-quality organic butter. When you prepare it, don’t make too much at a time, prepare a volume for a maximum of one month.

Even though ghee is a food that is an ayurvedic medicine, just as the excess of everything is bad, ghee should also be used in a balanced quantity.

To learn how to make Ghee, check out this video from our Ayurveda expert.

Lemon as Ayurvedic medicine

Lemon as Ayurvedic Medicine for Anemia


Weight loss

Ayurvedic food medicine for stomach issues and digestion



Every young man desires strong and more attractive arms. For this, they do different types of exercises and also go to the gym equipped with state-of-the-art mechanical facilities. But do you know how important calcium is for strong arms and a strong body?

Calcium importance is generally known to all mothers. Today’s mothers know how important calcium is for their growing bones. At the same time, rural mothers of old times or less educated also definitely knew that by drinking milk, the body and height of the child increases. It also makes the child agile and strong. Even if they do not know about the precious calcium found in milk, which has proved to be very helpful in the form of bones, teeth of children, their shape and making them healthy and strong. Due to the continuous deficiency of this calcium, the teeth, bones, and body of the children become weak.

Calcium also has great importance in ‘Ayurvedic medicine’. Calcium is beneficial in strengthening weak and thin bones, heart weakness, destroying kidney stones, and treating diseases related to menstruation in women.

In daily food, we can get calcium content from some substances like paneer, dry fish, kidney, beans, curd, poori gola, soybean, etc. Similarly, 260 mg of calcium is available from one glass of milk (cow). We can get a lot of calcium from rice, and coarse flour bread cooked in a pressure cooker. By eating a proper amount of calcium, our intelligence becomes sharp and our reasoning power also increases. This element is also present in green leafy vegetables.

Dry vegetables

Grate the carrots, dry them and grind them. Keep this also in the spice box. Use it along with spices everyday. Eat and feed food rich in vitamins daily.

Cut ginger, dry it, and grind it. Keep this also in the spice box. You can also use ground ginger along with spices every day. You can also use it in tea spices.

Cut and dry the green chilies. Bake in some oil and mix it, the taste will increase. Break the stalks of green chilies and dry them. Grind and make powder. Keep this also in the spice box. For the green color of vegetables like okra, chaturfali, Barbati, etc. and use it with spices.

Benefits of Wheat

Wheat has been used as food for millennia and is a powerful remedy in Ayurvedic medicine. Wheat can help to treat a variety of health issues.


Mix 20 grams of wheat grains with salt and drink with 250 ml of hot water. Doing this for about a week, helps the cough go away.

Ayurvedic Food medicine for Abdominal colic

Consuming wheat porridge mixed with sugar and almond kernels can reduce abdominal colic, calm you, weakness of the brain, impotence, and pain in the chest.

Insect bite

If a poisonous insect bites you, apply wheat flour mixed with vinegar on the bite site.

Ayurvedic medicine for Calculus

Boiling wheat and giving its water to the sick person for a few days, could help to dissolve the stones in the bladder and kidney.

Wheat has the most fiber

All types of fiber are essential, regardless of the source. All these have their benefits for the body. Wheat bran is the best source of fiber. Wheat bran contains more fiber than other grains and seeds like almonds, walnuts, and rice. To understand the benefits of whole wheat and wheat bran, it is important to know about dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is the part of edible plants that is indigestible. Therefore, it is necessary to eat a variety of foods for good health.

what is wheat bran

The bran found in whole wheat is important because of its various health benefits. The outer shell of the wheat grain is the wheat bran. At the time of grinding wheat, its outer shell is removed and the inner starch is ground into flour. Wheat flour appears brown due to the bran. Wheat bran contains an insoluble fiber called cellulose. It contains minerals like calcium, selenium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus as well as vitamins E and B complex. Therefore, refined flour looks pretty and makes some dishes greasy, whole wheat flour with the husk is beneficial for health. Rich in essential fiber, vitamins, and minerals, wheat and its bran along with the husk are nature’s nutritional gift for starch digestion. That’s why experts insist on its consumption.

strengthen the digestive system

Fiber plays an important role in our digestion and general well-being. Due to a lack of fiber in the diet, the digestive system does not work properly. Although our digestive system can cope with the stress caused by an unhealthy diet and emotional outbursts for a while, problems may arise later. That’s why it is necessary to take the right steps to maintain the power of your digestive system.

Ayurvedic food medicine for constipation

There is scientific evidence that wheat bran is the best fiber for relieving constipation and facilitating bowel movements. It maintains the movement of substances in the digestive system. Many people complain of digestive disturbances like flatulence and lethargy from time to time. When we adopt an irregular diet and the speed of our digestion slows down, then the condition can worsen. But getting enough fiber, especially from wheat bran, can help relieve digestive discomfort and constipation.

Sprouted grains

There is a simple way to germinate any grain, kernel, and seed, etc. For this, after soaking the grain in water for 12 hours, filter it and tie it in a cloth. But for this it is necessary to follow three rules- first removing water after soaking, second applying air after removing water, and third dark. Groundnut germinates in 12 hours and wheat in 36 hours. Although sprouted grains should be eaten raw, you can make them tasty by adding some soaked moong to them. Then add green coriander, tomato, ginger, and onion to it.

Now the question arises whether to soak them separately or together. It is better to soak it separately like you soaked gram and soaked moong along with it, but both have different germination times. In such a situation, the moong will already sprout, but the gram will not be able to. If you leave moong with gram for 24 hours, then the sprout of moong will become longer and its nutrition will decrease. You can soak together grains that have similar germination times.

Benefits of eating sprouts as ayurvedic medicines

Its biggest advantage is that there is no wastage in it, due to which the body does not have to spend unnecessary energy to remove it. Since there is no wastage in the body, the energy is used for cleaning the body, due to which the whole body gets cleaned. Whatever the cause of the disease, it gets out of the body.

For example, if someone has a heart blockage, put him on a completely natural diet. This could help to reduce the blockages in his heart.

Treat kidney problems with natural medicine and take a natural diet. Due to this, there will be no wastage from outside the body, due to which the function of the kidney will decrease, that is, the kidney will have to work less to remove that vestige. A natural diet does not make waste, due to which the kidney gets relief. Just as all the tiredness goes away by working in the morning and sleeping at night, in the same way, when the kidney gets to rest, gradually all the cells of the kidney start forming new ones, due to which the kidney starts doing its work properly again.

If there is a defect in the gland that produces hormones, adopting a natural diet may cure the problem. Practicing additional yoga exercises together will help progress.

Juice diet as Ayurvedic medicine

Minerals are found in more quantity in vegetables compared to juice, but people who are deficient in minerals are usually given vegetable juice to make up for it. Now the question arises whether it is good to take the juice of vegetables or it is good to eat them. The answer to this is that it is good to eat them, but still, patients are given juice, why?

It’s easier to include a lot more vegetables in your diet by drinking vegetable juice. Similarly, it is better to drink juice during fasting or for internal cleansing of the body because juice squeezes all the dirt out of the body. If you keep fast to maintain your health well, then you should drink lemon water, lemon honey water, vegetable juice, or fruit juice after every hour. Due to this, you will not feel hungry along with getting energy. The lack of water in his body will go away and the body will be completely clean by the next day.

How to consume juices

During juice diets, many people complain that when consuming it, they start to have problems with gas, why is that? This happens because we often drink juice all at once or quickly, which is wrong. Always drink juice comfortably like tea so that it is easily digested. This is because the starch in the juice is converted to glucose in the mouth. For example, orange juice is sour as soon as it is put in the mouth, but after it has been in the mouth for a while, this juice starts to taste sweet because its starch has already been converted into glucose.

Always consume fresh juice, as it spoils quickly.

Some people add sugar or salt to the juice to enhance its taste, which is not good for health in any way. That’s why you should always drink juice without mixing anything.

Caution in preparing food

Generally, we make many mistakes preparing food. For example, when we sieve the flour before using it and remove the bran, we should remove pebbles, stones, or other things from the flour, but do not remove the bran because both fiber and vitamins are present in it. It is very important for good health. Also, eat unpolished rice because the rice polishing process removes all the vitamins.

The WHO World Health Organization also states that oil or fat should not be reused. But what do we do when we cook something in oil and after cooking? We keep the remaining oil and use it to cook again. What happens due to this is that poison keeps on forming in the oil which is very harmful to health. You must have seen that after eating street food, there is often a problem with acidity and an upset stomach. This happens because those people keep using the same oil again and again.

Fiber-rich food as ayurvedic medicines

Natural foods contain a lot of fiber and the more fiber we eat, the more our intestines will remain clean, digestion will be good, defecation will be free and the body will remain healthy.

What foods are high in fiber? Vegetable milk is a great option. Nowadays, the only safe and healthy milk for the child is breast milk, due to adulteration in commercialized milk. Pure milk is not guaranteed even if the cow is milked in front of you due to the injection of antibiotics and chemicals added to the feed to make the cow produce more milk. Making vegetarian milk is the only way to avoid consuming adulterated milk.

Vegetarian milk recipes

You can make white sesame, soy, peanut, coconut, almond, cashew milk, etc. There is a simple way to make milk. To make coconut milk take raw coconut and grind it in a blender to make a paste, then add eight parts water to one part paste and strain, the milk is ready to drink! This milk is as light as cow’s milk and any old person, child or young person can drink it. To make soy milk, you first need to soak the soybeans in water for 12 hours and then repeat the same process. This milk contains the best quality protein and it is very good for heart patients, and it is beneficial for people with diabetes.

Drink white sesame milk in case of calcium deficiency. To make this milk, soak white sesame seeds in water for 12 hours, grind them in a mixer, and add water. Soak peanuts in water, grind them in a mixer, add water, and filter. This milk has qualities like buffalo milk, it has fats, proteins, and calcium.


The main essential element of food is protein. This element builds the cells of the body, that is, the flesh. Due to its abundance in food, the work of building and repairing body cells goes on smoothly throughout life. Proteins contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur traces. Phosphorus may also be present in it. There is an excess of nitrogen in protein.

There are two types of protein (1) obtained from animals (2) obtained from fruits, vegetables, and grains, etc. However, if there is excess protein in the body, it comes out through feces. Still, the body needs regular protein for daily requirements, but it is also important to pay attention to the fact that more protein than required can harm the body instead of benefits, but when the body needs protein even after meals. If there is a deficiency, filling it with artificially made protein from the outside is very important.

According to the World Health Organization, our bodies need one gram of protein per kilogram of weight, that is, if your weight is 50 kg, then you need to eat 50 grams of protein daily. Protein is found in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. If both are taken together in the food, then an abundant amount of protein can be included in the body. Medical scientists have proved that if there is no deficiency of vital elements in the body, the body remains safe from diseases. Protein is important for protection against infectious diseases.

Protein Sources

The best types of protein are present in egg whites, milk, curd, cheese, fish, meat, liver, kidneys, and brain. Another type of protein is found in pulses, green vegetables, and grains.


1. Whole egg 13.0 percent

2. Egg white 10.5 percent

3. Egg yolk 17.0 percent

4. Cow’s milk 3.4 percent

5. Goat’s milk 4.4 percent

6. Sheep milk 6.7 percent

7. Buffalo milk 5.9 percent


Litchi cultivation first started in South China around the 1st century. This fruit is an important source of vitamin C and potassium. Litchi can be plucked only after full ripening because after plucking from the tree, the ripening of litchi fruit stops.

It is a small-sized fruit with a thin and soft thorny rind. Its peel is red at first and becomes slightly darker when cooked well. Inside there is a very soft translucent to white shiny pulp which is tasty and healthy. Inside this pulp, there is a large brown-colored seed.

Litchi is a storehouse of nutrients. It is rich in vitamin C, potassium, and sugar. Along with this, the amount of water is also sufficient. Eating it in summer also provides coolness by keeping the ratio of water in the body balanced. We get about 65 calories from ten litchis.

Benefits of ayurvedic food Litchi as medicines

1) Litchi contains minerals, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium which are essential for the development of the body.

2) Litchi is rich in Vitamin C. Keeps our skin and body’s immune system healthy.

3) Eating litchi keeps the blood of the body healthy.

4) Litchi has the property of preventing breast cancer.

5) Eating this keeps the skin healthy.

6) Litchi contains a good amount of fiber.

7) Antioxidants are in high quantity in Litchi.

8) Eating litchi helps to regulate blood pressure.

Special: Consume litchi in limited quantity, otherwise it can prove to be harmful. Do not eat more than 10-11 litchis. Consuming too much litchi can cause problems like headache and other diseases.

Juicy Jamun

Jamun is sour-sweet in taste as well as extremely beneficial for health. Mixing equal quantity of jamun and mango juice and drinking it is beneficial for diabetic people. It activates the skin pigment melanin cell, hence it is the best medicine for anemia and leucoderma.

Jamun is also very useful in the treatment of arthritis. Boil its bark a lot and apply the paste of the remaining solution on the knees, it provides relief in rheumatism. In this, the copper which participates in blood formation is found in sufficient quantity by getting absorbed quickly.

Keep in mind that there is a possibility of stiffness and fever by eating jamun in excess.

Never eat jamun on an empty stomach, or drink milk after eating it.

If a poisonous animal bites you, drinking Jamun leaves juice is beneficial. By tying a poultice of its fresh leaves on the bitten place, the wound gets cleaned and heals because the smooth leaves of Jamun have the amazing ability to absorb moisture.

Jamun gives strength to the liver and helps in normalizing the abnormality in the bladder.

Mixing an equal quantity of jamun juice, honey, gooseberry, or rose flower juice and consuming it daily in the morning for one or two months helps to cure anemia and physical weakness.

Its daily use increases sexual and memory power.

Take out the juice of one kilogram of fresh fruits of Jamun and mix two and a half kilograms of sugar and make syrup. Store it in a clean bottle with a lid. Whenever there is a complaint of vomiting-diarrhea or cholera-like disease, mixing two spoons of this syrup and one spoon of nectar and drinking it gives instant relief.

Ayurvedic food medicines with honey

Almond oil

Constipation is removed by almond oil and it makes the body strong.

Ideal tonic for the whole family Almond oil can be consumed as a food additive.

Along with helping on stomach problems, it could also be benefical in intestinal cancer.

Regular consumption of almond oil can reduce cholesterol. That is, it is also good for heart health.

Almonds are a nutrient for the brain and nervous systems.

It is an intellectual energy enhancer, longevity maker.

Consuming sweet almond oil provides instant relief from muscle aches and pains.

Use of almond oil improves the complexion and brightens the lifeless skin. Almond oil has also been considered best in returning the lost moisture of the skin.

Pure almond oil relieves stress. Sharpens vision and also provides relief in nerve pain.

Almond oil, rich in vitamin D, also contributes to the development of bones in children.

Whether almond oil is used externally or consumed, it proves to be curative and useful in every respect.

Consuming 250 mg lukewarm milk mixed with 5-10 ml almond oil every night is beneficial.

You can also apply it to make the skin soft, soft.

It is ideal to apply it 2-3 hours before bath. Almond oil massage is not only good for hair, but is also beneficial in brain development. Almond oil massage once a week is beneficial.

Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd contains carbohydrates, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin-C, besides odorous volatile oil, carotene, glucoside, saponin, alkaloids and bitters are found in it. Because of all these nutrients, bitter gourd is not only a vegetable but also works as a medicine. Its medicinal properties are as follows.

Bitter gourd works like a medicine in diabetes, consuming one teaspoon powder of bitter gourd dried in the shade daily gives benefits in diabetes. Because bitter gourd increases the secretion of insulin by stimulating the pancreas.

Due to the presence of bitters and alkaloids, it has blood purifying properties. Using this prevents boils and skin diseases.

Purgative oil is found in bitter gourd seeds. Due to which eating bitter gourd vegetable prevent constipation. At the same time, its use provides relief in acidity, sour belching.

Due to the presence of Vitamin A, eating its vegetables can prevent night blindness. Consuming bitter gourd vegetable and applying juice of bitter gourd leaves on the joints provides relief in joint pain.

Sweet potato: food and ayurvedic medicine

Gooseberry (Amla)

Ayurvedic Food Medicine for Vomiting

Diuresis (in case of pain or burning sensation in urination)

Purgation (diarrhea)

Ayurvedic Food Medicine to Treat Haemorrhoids

Bloody diarrhoea

If there is excessive bleeding with diarrhoea, mix 10-20 grams of gooseberry juice with 10 grams of honey and 5 grams of ghee and drink 100 ml of goat’s milk thrice a day.

Raktagulma (Blood clots)

Prameha (semen disorders)


Soak Amla, Giloy, Neem bark, Parval leaf in equal quantity of 50 grams each in half a kilo of water overnight. Boil it in the morning, after boiling, when it remains in one-fourth quantity, mixing 2 spoons of honey in it and consuming it thrice a day helps with gallstones.

Pitta dosha problems


Fennel is helpful in the treatment of asthma and cough. Eating fennel is useful for the treatment of phlegm and cough. Eating fennel with jaggery can help to make menstruation regular. It is very useful to treat colic in infants. Boil one teaspoon of fennel in one cup of water and let it cool for 20 minutes. This helps in treating colic in the baby. The baby should not be given more than a spoonful or two of this solution. Mixing equal amount of fennel powder with sugar can end burning sensation in hands and feet. 10 grams of fennel should be taken after food. Chewing fennel after meals freshens the breath, can cures indigestion and constipation. The feeling of nausea also goes away from it.

Curd: Food and Powerful Ayurvedic Medicine

Many times we get nervous even in a simple disease, but if we know a little bit about home remedies, then it can be easily treated immediately. From the treasure of grandmothers, we have brought such wonderful simple and easy tips, by adopting which you too can get a healthy body

The treasure of beauty and health is often hidden in food and drink. Curd is also a treasure, the use of which is beneficial in every way.

Know the properties of curd


Mulberry, a delicious sweet delicate-soft fruit, has many such beneficial properties which can prove to be a boon in many diseases. Resveratrol found in mulberry is believed to clean the pollution spread in the body and remove the infected things.

If you have wrinkles, then there is nothing to worry about. For this, drink mulberry juice. Your face will become bright and fresh.

– Mulberry has anti-age properties. At the same time, it makes the skin young like youth and helps smooth out wrinkles.

– Mulberry also brings brownness to the hair, because 79 percent more antioxidants are found in it. Not only this, many other properties are found in mulberry, such as its regular use can prevent eye disorders, lung cancer and prostate cancer.

Cashew nuts

Cashews are known from trail mix, muesli, and nut butter. However very few are likely to know that the popular seeds are extremely healthy. Among other things, they contain the amino acid L-tryptophan, which is known to make people happy. But that’s not all. They also boast an incredible nutrient mix of a range of essential vitamins and minerals. This makes them very healthy – if you consider the ideal combination with other foods.

Cashew nuts are not only incredibly delicious – they are also a very healthy snack because the dried fruit stalks of the cashew apple contain a whole range of vitamins and minerals. Cashews have a positive effect on cholesterol balance and blood pressure, they can help you to lose weight.

What exactly are cashew nuts?

The cashew tree (lat. Anacardium occidentale) originally comes from Brazil. Cultivation areas for the European market are in Central Africa and Asia. The cashew kernel itself (also called cashew nut or just cashew) is the dried stalk of the cashew apple. Strictly speaking, it is a stone fruit, similar to the almond or pistachio. The process of extracting cashew nuts is complex and involves small steps, which is why we only sell cashews that have already been peeled and roasted. Raw produce is highly perishable and roasting requires expertise.

average nutritional values of cashew nuts

Compared to other nuts, cashew nuts have a low-fat content. The contained proportion of healthy, unsaturated fatty acids is nevertheless high. In terms of protein content, cashews are in the midfield of nuts.

Calories: about 570 per 100 grams

Fat: approx. 42 grams (of which approx. 28 grams monounsaturated, approx. 3 grams polyunsaturated, and 9 grams unsaturated fats)

Carbohydrates: about 30 grams

Protein: about 17 grams

Fiber: about 3 grams

Contained L-tryptophan has a mood-enhancing effect

Biologist and nutritionist Dr. Andrea Flemmer (“Mood-Food – GlĂĽcksnahrung: How to become happy through eating”): The high-quality proteins contain the amino acid L-tryptophan. “This can be converted in the brain to the happiness hormone serotonin and thus has a mood-enhancing effect,” explains the expert. The same process occurs when eating chocolate. In addition, L-tryptophan has a calming effect, which is why it is present in some antidepressants and tranquilizers. 100 grams of cashews contain around 280 milligrams of L-tryptophan – a quite relevant amount.

Cashew nuts contain these vitamins and minerals

Cashews contain an ingenious mix of nutrients from a range of essential vitamins and minerals. For example, 100 grams of nuts cover almost half (45 percent) of the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA)2 – i.e. the recommended daily dose – of vitamin B1, which our body needs so that the nutrients specifically from carbohydrates are metabolized and converted into energy. The contained and versatile active vitamin B6 strengthens our nerves and immune system.

In addition to other B vitamins, which are important for the function of the nervous system and the structure of mucous membranes, nails, and hair, cashew nuts also contain vitamin E (an antioxidant that protects against calcification of the veins and arteries) and vitamin K, which is associated with the contained Phosphorus promotes blood clotting and building strong bone structure. The minerals magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium contained in it maintain muscle and nerve function.

Nutrients 100 grams of cashews at a glance

Vitamin B1 (45 percent of the recommended daily allowance = Recommended Daily) Allowance or in short: RDA)

Vitamin B2 (16 percent RDA)

Vitamin B5 (20 percent RDA)

Vitamin B6 (21 percent RDA)

Vitamin E (6.5 percent RDA)

Vitamin K (37 percent RDA)

Magnesium (70 percent RDA)

Phosphorus (48 percent RDA)

Copper (246 percent RDA)

Potassium (25 percent RDA)

Iron (43 percent RDA)

Zinc (54 percent RDA)

Effect on cholesterol and blood pressure

B vitamins and iron are often deficient, especially in people who eat a predominantly plant-based diet. According to a study, those who suffer from heart disease can also benefit from the fats contained in nuts. It can reduce the cholesterol level, as well as high blood pressure with regular consumption.

Cashew nuts can help you lose weight

Cashew nuts can even help you lose weight. In 2019, a study by the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston showed that a handful of cashew nuts in a balanced diet can reduce obesity and prevent type 2 diabetes. This positive effect has been confirmed in several studies. The previously mentioned amino acid L-tryptophan can also support weight loss. Decreased levels of tryptophan have been found in some people with tumors and viral diseases. By adding the amino acid, an improvement in the state of health could be achieved accordingly.

Why you should eat cashews with carbohydrates

The type of consumption is crucial so that the body can absorb and process L-tryptophan and all other vitamins and minerals. Of course, you can easily eat cashew nuts as a snack. So that the body can fall back on all trace elements, it needs a combination of carbohydrates in the meal. “Because the brain’s gatekeepers, who allow the tryptophan to be converted, are choosy and need an incentive to absorb the amino acid,” says nutrition expert Andrea Flemmer.

Consumption recommendation

It is difficult to make a consumption recommendation because not all seeds contain the same amount of amino acids and the need varies from person to person (varies according to many physical parameters). In other words: “Enjoy with a sense of proportion, but there is no objection to a handful of seeds,” says Flemmer.

You can use cashew nuts as a classic ingredient in muesli, salad or as a topping. Cashew butter is available in drugstores and supermarkets and you can easily integrate it into many dishes.

Chicken Tortilla Soup
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Who should avoid cashew nuts?

People allergic to tree nuts such as peanuts and hazelnuts should be careful. Do not carry out your own experiments and consult a doctor. An intolerance to cashew nuts themselves is rare. The body’s reactions can be stronger than with other nut allergies.

For all non-allergic consumers, however, the following applies: quality makes the difference. Because when the nuts are processed, the natural resin Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) is released. It is a protective mechanism of the plant against bacteria and predators. If it gets too hot, it can be toxic. The load can only be kept low with high-quality further processing.

Be sure to buy cashews of good quality or organic quality

“It’s better to buy the more expensive, high-quality nuts instead of the first package you come across just because they contain the product you want,” advises the nutritionist. “There is no filter in the bloodstream and in front of the brain that removes impurities. Also, if the kernels are treated with a lot of pesticides or are of poor quality, you are poisoning your body from the inside.”

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