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Incorporating Ayurveda knowledge into your daily life could be easier than you might think. You don’t have to follow every aspect of it to start getting results, feeling and living better. Just following some Ayurveda healthy life tips that fits together with your personal lifestyle might help you.

General healthy life tips from Ayurveda

1. These will make hair healthy

Drink a glass of water with linseed on an empty stomach. By drinking this, the body will get omega 3 in abundance, and hair growth will be good and fast. In addition, eat one amla every day, women can use amla oil to make hair shiny. Besides, soak five almonds in water every night and eat them with peels in the morning. This also makes the hair stronger.

If your hair is dry, then once a week, give a hot oil massage and steam on the hair. The hot oil will prevent the hair from drying out and make it soft. Also, brushing on dry hair by pressing on the scalp activates the oil glands, which reduces the dryness of the hair.

Keep the henna on the hair till the color comes and then wash it immediately. The longer the mehndi stays in the hair, the longer it absorbs moisture from the hair.

2. It will brighten the face

Vitamin A is mainly effective in removing wrinkles. Vitamin A is found in abundance in sweet potatoes. Due to this, the skin becomes clean and smooth. Also, tomatoes keep the skin healthy. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and potassium are found in tomatoes. Eat two or three tomatoes daily. Besides, eat half a cup of chopped fruit or fruit salad.

Iron content is high in beetroot. Regular consumption of this brings a glow to the face.

3. Gardening healthy life tips from Ayurveda

You can plant some special types of plants to remove the pollution present in the house.
A Palm tree is a very good plant that you can plant in your living room. It fills new freshness in the house by removing the polluted air in the house. Besides, you can easily decorate this tree near the sofa or bed. Also, if they are planted near the window, it will be even better.

4. Food Fact: Torai is a healthy vegetable

It is low in saturated fat and calories. In addition, torai is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, and manganese. Also, It contains a high amount of beta-carotene which is very beneficial for the eyes. Thus, Its juice is good for the digestive system.

Useful Ayurveda tips for a healthy life

Cooking healthy life tips from Ayurveda

Ayurveda’s nutrition tips for a healthy life

Ayurveda’s self care tips for a healthy life

Some simple tips from Ayurveda for a healthy life

Body scrub

Take a bath after rubbing seven things and take a bath with the boil of seven things:

1 wheat
2 rice (Those who eat jowar can take jowar and those who eat rice can take rice)
3 moong
4 gram
5 urad
6 barley
7 mole
Make a mixture of equal parts of it, grind it in a grinder, make a solution of that powder, and take a bath with it, first apply it on the forehead (apply with the middle three fingers like ashes). Can’t tell how many benefits will be there, it could help you with depression and to keep the follicles of the body healthy.


In today’s run-of-the-mill life, with work pressure on top of that, many of us would not even remember when was the last time we laughed out loud. While laughing is very important for all of us, we ignore it. Friends, I am trying to share some information about how laughing can make our life healthy and happy, if you like it, you will laugh. So let’s know the five benefits of laughing:

Ayurveda’s five benefits of laughing for a healthy life

1. Laughter exercises the heart. Thus, Blood circulation is good. On laughing, endorphin chemicals are released from the body, this substance makes the heart strong. As a result, laughter reduces the chances of a heart attack.
2. According to research, cancer cells and many types of harmful bacteria and viruses are destroyed in the presence of oxygen. We get more oxygen by laughing and the body’s immune system also becomes strong.
3. If humor meditation yoga is done in the morning, then there is happiness throughout the day. If this yoga is done at night, then one gets good sleep. Laughter Yoga leads to the secretion of many types of hormones in our body, due to which people suffer from diabetes, back pain, and stress are a benefit.
4. Laughter also increases positive energy, happy morning makes the office environment happy. So friends, why don’t we all start our day with a loud laugh by reading or listening to a couple of jokes?
5. Laughing for one hour daily consumes 400 calories of energy, due to which obesity is also under control. Nowadays, many comedy clubs are also doing the work of removing the stressful life through laughter.
Friends, nature also gives us a message – after the rain, the sunshine, blooming flowers, and swaying green trees make us feel happy. Seeing their happiness, our heart also becomes happy, in the same way, when we all remain happy and healthy, we can make the environment around us happy. It is said that health is above wealth”.


If you are suffering from insomnia, you should not know that keeping twenty-one leaves of basil under their pillow is beneficial, but do not pluck basil leaves after twelve o’clock in the afternoon; It is a sin not to break it after 12 o’clock, this procedure is very useful. If you take a bath after grinding basil leaves and rub it, then you do not feel hot.

Digestion problems

If indigestion increases, mix celery, dry ginger and black pepper and take a pinch of that powder, then digestion will be fine…Take it in the morning and eat after 2/3 hours…

Ayurveda’s healthy life tip for gas

There are 80 types of complaints of air, a good remedy is: Keep 100 grams of coriander (dry), 100 grams of myrobalan, and 50 grams of sugar in powder, take 6 grams in the morning and 6 grams in the evening to get rid of all air defects, gas trouble.

Amla juice for your stomach

Amla juice should be consumed and stomach problems will go away. Ttake amla powder daily, make a solution and drink it then stomach will be fine. Srink continuously for 7 days. So the purification of root center is done.

Before the rituals, take amla juice every morning in breakfast for 5-7 days, so that the nadis remain pure.

Kidney problems

For kidney problem, drink 50 grams of satay (Punarnava) vegetable or juice daily.

Take 50 grams of corn hair, and boil it in two liters of water with the pan uncovered and over low heat. Then, wait for the water to reduce to half its volume (to one liter) and drink the remaining water slowly throughout the day. As a result, kidney function will improve and your kidney may start to heal with this procedure

Cough disease treatment

Grind 50 grams of honey, 50 grams of garlic, 1 gram of basil seeds and put it in it, chutney has been made, eat it slowly, little by little, the heart will also become strong, the phlegm will also be destroyed.

Health tips to cure Ayurvedic Diseases

1. Grind fenugreek, dry ginger, and turmeric together. Then, take two spoonfuls of it with hot water every morning and evening after meals, it is beneficial.

2. Every morning on an empty stomach, take a spoonful of ground fenugreek seeds mixed with 1 gram of kalonji and throw it at once.

3. Take fenugreek seeds with half a teaspoon of water always on an empty stomach in the morning, afternoon and evening after eating. As a result, it will keep all joints strong and joint pain will never happen.

4. Mix turmeric, jaggery, powdered fenugreek, and water, heat it, and apply it on the knees at night. Tie a bandage on it and leave it tied for the whole night. Then, remove the bandage in the morning and clean it. The effect will be felt in a while.

5. Taking 2 walnuts with linseed seeds gives relief from joint pain.

6. Eating fenugreek laddus gives relief from pain in the hands, feet, and joints.

7. After age 30, the joints of the body remain strong by taking fenugreek seeds. Furthermore, diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and arthritis are prevented till old age.

8. Roast the fenugreek seeds in a pan or pan till they turn pink. Grind when it cools down. Take a half teaspoon every morning with a glass of water.

9. Grind fenugreek and take 2 spoons of it in winter and one spoon in summer with water in the morning.

10. Eat sprouted fenugreek and after eating it do not eat anything for half an hour.

Food combinations

It is very important in our life to know which food combinations are right or which are wrong. In Ayurveda too, many things have been told about the combination of food. Accordingly, many substances mix with each other and become like poison, like honey and ghee become poison by eating them together.

Different digestive juices are needed to digest different elements of food. The digestion of starch is done by alkaline juice while the protein is digested by acid. If both types of food are eaten together, the digestive juices of both will be produced together. In this way, acid juice and alkaline juice together become ineffective due to which the proteins start rotting. Due to which the digestion process does not work.

Similarly, by eating many things like vegetables, fruits, pickles, curd, kheer, sweets, papad, etc. at the same time, the chemical reaction starts and the digestive system gets spoiled.

Accordingly, eating only one type of food at a time is a proper diet. That’s right, mixed food is the wrong move. At one time the mixture of least mines can be easily digested.

Eat fruit and salad at least one time a day, but not together.

Inappropriate combinations

Banana with milk and curd.

Radish with milk or curd.

Curd with milk.

Hot water with honey and any other hot substance.

Honey and Radish.

Khichdi and kheer.

Melon and cucumber.

Cucumber with milk.

Curd, Cheese.

Vegetables with fruits.

Radish or curd at night.

Hot curd.

Ghee kept in a bronze vessel for ten days.

Sweet potato, potato, kachalu with lentils.

Daal and rice or daal and roti.

Bread with milk or curd.


Those who have to eat lentils with roti and rice, they should also consume vegetables in good quantity.

Appropriate combinations

Milk and Dates.

Rice and coconut kernel.

Daal and curd.

Fennel with guava.

Bathua and curd raita.

Carrot and fenugreek greens.

Curd and Amla powder.

Greens vegetable with starch.

Citrus fruits with nuts.

Lentils and vegetables.

Vegetable and rice porridge.

Green leafy vegetable with roti.

Sprouted pulses and raw coconut.

Essential minerals for your body

Essential minerals and major sources

1. Calcium – milk, spinach, tomatoes, sprouts, green vegetables, fresh fruits.

2. Phosphorus – milk, sprouted grains, green vegetables, fresh grains.

3. Potassium- Sprouted grains, green vegetables.

4. Sodium – Cheese, milk, cottage cheese, green vegetables, fresh fruits.

5. Chlorine – salt, milk, green vegetables, sprouted grains.

6. Iron – green vegetables, fresh fruits, sprouted grains, Kurban, Kalidaksh, Sesame, Sev, Grapes.

7. Manganese- green vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains.

8. Copper – Fresh green vegetables, sprouted grains.

9. Iodine – iodized salt, milk, seafood.

10. Florin – green vegetables, fruits, sprouts.

11. Zinc – sprouted wheat, yeast etc.

12. Cobalt – Sprouted food.

13. Molybden – Green vegetables, fresh fruits, sprouts.

14. Silyphone – cereals, green vegetables, fresh fruits, Live food etc.

Increase appetite

The fire of our body works to digest the food eaten, if this fire slows down due to any reason, then the food does not get digested properly, due to improper digestion of food, many diseases arise in the body. Due to which the appetite stops and complaints of indigestion, indigestion, gas, bile etc. stop coming, the appetite stops, the body starts breaking down, the taste gets spoiled, the stomach starts feeling heaviness, due to upset stomach, the mind starts to remain bad or understand that the body The whole system gets spoiled, for this one should always avoid Mandagni and these medicines should be used in case of pain.
Here we have a lot of healthy life tips to help to increase appetite from Ayurveda. Take the one that is most confortable for you.

Healthy life tips to increase appetite from Ayurveda

  1. If you don’t feel hungry, taking half a pound of powdered sugar in a cup of lukewarm water two or three times a day opens up your appetite.
  2. Taking myrabalan with nibs of niboli increases appetite and also destroys skin diseases of the body.
  3. Taking buttermilk daily ends indigestion.
  4. Soak red chillies in lemon juice for forty days. Eating half tea spoon of it every day increases appetite.
  5. Hunger opens up by sucking the slices of ripe tomato.
  6. Take out the pulp of two dates and cook it in three hundred grams of milk, drink the milk when the juice of dates comes out, it makes food digestible and also causes hunger.
  7. Drinking the juice of a mixture of beetroot, carrot, tomato, cabbage, spinach and other green vegetables and leguminous vegetables, half an hour before meals, increases appetite.
  8. Consuming apples increases appetite and purifies the blood.
  9. Soak a loaf of fennel in water, then mix four times candy sugar in this water and cook. Eat slowly, little by little. This syrup increases appetite.
  10. Taking litchi before meals increases digestion power and appetite.
  11. Pomegranate is also an appetizer, consuming it increases appetite.
  12. Drinking lemon juice mixed with water daily increases appetite.
  13. Drinking half a glass of pineapple juice before meals increases appetite.
  14. Eating kernel of watermelon seed increases appetite.
  15. The fruit or juice of beel is also an appetite enhancer.
  16. Eating chutney made from tamarind leaves increases appetite and also helps in digestion of food.

Tips to increase apetite from Ayurveda with ginger for a Healthy Life

  1. By making powder of harad, jaggery and dry ginger and taking it daily with a little whey, the appetite opens.
  2. Consuming harad powder with dry ginger and jaggery or with rock salt cures dyspepsia.
  3. Mixing dry ginger powder in ghee and leave it in your mouth, eating little by little. Then. drink a lot of hot water, it makes you feel hungry.
  4. Fennel, dry ginger and candy sugar should be taken in equal parts daily with fresh water, it strengthens the digestive power.
  5. By taking the powder of jawakhar and dry ginger with warm water, it ends indigestion.
  6. Mix vinegar, dried ginger, black salt, roasted honey and flower asafetida in the mixture, appetite increases after eating daily.
  7. Make a powder by taking dry mint, big cardamom, dry ginger, fennel, rose flower, coriander, white cumin, pomegranate, plum and myrobalan in equal quantity, it will surely remove the slow fire.
  8. Grind one gram of red chili in some ginger and lemon juice, then mix it with equal to black pepper out of it. Take a half teaspon and leave it in your mouth for a while then drink it.
  9. Eating peeled ginger mixed with rock salt daily, before meals increases appetite.

Healthy life tips from Ayurveda with salt to increase apetite

  1. Licking black salt removes gas and increases appetite. This salt also cleanses the stomach.
  2. Grind equal parts of rock salt, asafetida, carom seeds, and Triphala and grind them to make a powder, take old jaggery equal to this powder and mix it inside the whole powder. Then, start taking half a teaspoon daily with fresh water. Will be digested and hunger will also increase.
  3. Bread made by mixing rock salt and carom seeds in wheat bran, increases the appetite a lot.
  4. Grind 40 grams of caraway, 10 grams of rock salt. Put two grams of this powder in a clean bottle, add water and drink it every morning. It will increase appetite and end Vata diseases.
  5. Taking a decoction of ripe sweet tamarind leaves, rock salt or black salt, black pepper and asafetida, cures dyspepsia.

Cashew and some other special tips

If there is a crack in the ankles of the feet, if there is a worm in the stomach, then let the children eat 2/3 cashews with honey after chewing well… and if the adults are 5/7 cashews…..in worms, leprosy, black gums etc. Will be comfortable
The use of cashew also strengthens the mind.

Memory protection

Don’t roam bare headed in the sun, the memory power is weak.

Alchemical fiction

Mix Triphala + Sesame oil + Honey and keep it. Eat 10 grams daily and drink lukewarm water, stomach pain, menstrual problems, and asthma problems will go away.
By taking this for 1 month, the body gets purified, and if you do it for 3 months, then the face will glow – a chemical reaction takes place.

For asthma

Keep coconut coir on fire, filter the cloth, take some ash with honey for 1 month, asthma will go away.

Chapped lips

Those whose lips are chapped, put oil in the navel, then the lips will not be chapped.

When not to pluck basil?

Basil should not be plucked after 12 o’clock, flowers and leaves should not be plucked. Also, basil leaves are not considered stale for 7 days.


Add 25 ml of basil juice to 25 ml of fruit juice (amla or orange) or water or Chyawan prash, mix and give the child to drink daily for forty days, he will shine with improved intellect!

Excessive dosage of Vitamin E can cause harm

In a recent study in London, intake of dietary supplements for Vitamin E has revealed a shocking revelation. In their study on mice, researchers found that two substances most commonly used as antioxidants, including vitamin E, caused lung cancer to progress rather than prevent it.

The study’s lead author, molecular biologist Martin Bergo at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, and co-authors cautioned that the main message of this research is that these antioxidants do not reduce cancer risk, but may protect against certain types of cancer. They only do the work of increasing it to some extent.

Bergo, along with his colleague, did this research on mice that had been made infected with lung cancer through genetic changes. They first decided to give the rats an antioxidant called N-acetylcysteine (NAC), according to a paper published in the issue of a research journal. He then used another commonly used antioxidant, vitamin E, on rats. Then, they gave these substances to rats daily, five to fifty times the prescribed limit.

It is worth mentioning that the dietary supplements we take also contain four to 20 times more Vitamin E than the recommended daily intake for humans. Thus, scientists found the effect of both antioxidants to be similar. These dietary supplements with excessive amounts of vitamin E can have fatal consequences even for people with common lung problems. Scientists also expressed concern over the common practice of treating such patients with Vitamin E.

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