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Picture of plants at sunset. It shows the beauty of nature and its cycles. For Ayurveda, living according to the law of nature is fundamental for health.
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Following health-related rules and not overdoing any work is the fundamental principle of naturopathy. It seems like a very simple thing to say. But in reality it is not. Diseases arise from breaking the laws of nature while following them protects our health. To follow the laws of nature according to Ayurveda, we must know the important principles of naturopathy, which are:

The inner power to recover from the disease from Ayurveda’s nature law

A person who lives according to the laws of nature is always healthy. With the flow of life force in our bodies, the prevailing environment on Earth molds our lives. This life force creates rhythm in the human body and environment.

If the biographical power of our body does not adapt itself to the environment, or molds it in a wrong way, then the body becomes unwell and suffers from some disease. The body needs a certain amount of energy to run according to the laws of nature. This energy does not come by consuming any medicine. Self-protected life force protects our body from all diseases. The self-protective power of body parts and cells increases the immunity of the body.

Guardian cell in Ayurveda’s law of nature

Sometimes a child gets hurt and refuses to take medicine and treat the wound. Surprisingly, the wound also heals within a few days. There is also a reason for this to happen when there is an injury somewhere in the child’s body, then the small cells present in the blood work with full force. Cells grow relatively much faster near the raw wound and gradually the new skin fills the wound. These cells are the police cells. It protects against skin infection until the wound heals.

When you damage your body’s muscles with a severe injury, the wound healing process begins in the inner fibers. Some time after the bone is broken, it is joined by soft fibers on its own. The minerals present in the body prove useful for the maturation of these fibers. The fibers of any part of the body have the ability to form new skin after injury, except the spinal cord and nerve fibers of the brain.

Prana Shakti – A Wonder

There are many cases of people in remote places or villages, where no other medical help is available, being cured even after suffering serious illnesses and accidents.

In such cases, the life force provided by nature does its job in the recovery process. After going through these adverse conditions, the body becomes weaker, but because it has been treated by nature, it is not prone to serious illnesses. Various types of disorders can arise from the use of medicines in the process of natural healing.

Weakening of the life force for Ayurveda’s law of nature

Some individuals may die even during natural treatment. This difference is due to excess or deficiency of Prana-Shakti. This can be understood in the way that some people recover after being seriously injured and suffering from incurable diseases like cancer while others die.

By not living according to Ayurveda’s law of nature, the life force keeps decreasing. Because of this the person gradually becomes weak. Due to the effect of infection, the physical strength of the patient gradually starts to decline and he suffers from various diseases. As long as both the body and the soul of the patient are in the same form, till then the vital energy of the patient remains fine.

If we stop living our life according to natural laws then we have to face various physical problems. During this, the life force of the patient’s body tries to make the patient healthy again. Then the toxins that have accumulated in the body come out in the form of pain and blisters. It does not allow foreign substances to remain in the body. This destroys all the causes of disease in the body. In naturopathy these symptoms are the healing crisis.

The main cause of diseases is poisoning of the blood

According to Ayurveda’s law of nature, the main cause of diseases is the poisoning of the blood by toxic components. Our body has a complex system that works to purify our blood. The following are the main components that remove the contaminants from the body:

Lungs: Lungs remove carbon dioxide from the body through breathing.

Kidneys: Kidneys filter the blood and remove toxins and salt from the blood.

Intestine: After digesting the food, the residual remains left, the intestine removes it from the stomach along with the faeces.

Skin: With the help of sweat, the skin removes the contaminated elements of the body from the body.

If the above-mentioned organs are overloaded, then there is obstruction in the veins due to which the blood flow is not done properly due to which toxic substances get mixed in the blood.

Such food consumed in large quantity, which is lacking in quality, along with lack of exercise also creates obstruction in the nerves. As a result, the organs related to the respiratory process, such as the nose and throat, become inflamed, the skin becomes dry and excessively oily, the liver also becomes enlarged due to inflammation, constipation occurs in the intestines and Toxins from the waste matter of the body get mixed in the blood stream. In this situation, one needs to do breathing exercises to repair the oxygen-damaged system.

Healing the patient’s body and mind together

The unit of our body and mind must adapt to the environment according to Ayurveda’s Law of nature. No harmful substances can enter the body without affecting the mind. Our emotions affect physical activities. The mental behavior of any person decides how much his body can be affected by any disease. Most chronic diseases certainly have a connection to emotions. Common colds, flu, colic, and headache are also related to emotions. Mental tension, worry, fear, envy, and hatred affect our bodies and make the body’s blood poisonous. Due to the poisoning of the blood of our body, various types of fatal diseases arise in the body.

Body Cleanliness

Everyone cleans his external organs thoroughly. If there is a little dust or dirt on the hands or feet, we clean it immediately. Similarly, it is also important to clean the internal organs like the digestive system, etc. If it were possible to see the internal organs, we would feel about the cleanliness of the internal organs. The internal organs of our body also have emotions. Unhealthy feelings and thoughts of the body affect our mind so much that it disturbs the balance of hormones and affect the blood circulation of the body.

The way we open all its parts to clean any machine and clean every part of it. In the same way, our body is also like a complex machine, but we cannot separate the parts. However, we can accomplish internal body cleansing easily by consuming more water and resting.

Fasting and use of water for internal cleansing of the body

Why shoud you fast according to Ayurveda’s law of nature?

Fasting is very beneficial for our daily life. We can cleanse the body by fasting only by drinking water. Our body consists of about 70 percent fluid, which includes blood, urine, water, and bile. The process of circulation of blood continues in our body, accumulating various types of toxic substances in the blood. If the toxic substances are not removed, they cause disease in the body. Fasting gives a lot of rest to the digestive system of the body and the rest which remains in the body after digesting the food, rest helps in getting them out. This is the most scientific way to cure the digestive system.

When we fast, we have to go out to urinate frequently. Due to the consumption of large amounts of water and liquids during fasting to repair the tired muscles and fibers of the internal organs of the body, the toxic substances present in the body come out of the body in large quantities. Bad breath occurs during fasting. The reason for this happening is that the dirty gases collected in the body get a chance to come out only during fasting. In all religions, there is a rule of fasting once a week or fortnight. Its main purpose is to cleanse the body. You should cleanse the body with fasting and the mind with meditation and prayer.

How to clean your body according to Ayurveda law of nature?

These cleaning methods seem very difficult in today’s everyday life, but considering the benefits they bring, try to adopt them for a short time. Most people will not digest this but it is a fact that a person can survive for months without food. Anyone who has observed a fast can understand the importance of fasting. people who don’t eat for a day due to mild illness or extreme tiredness experience this. In such a situation, drinking fresh water, fruit juice and warm milk is beneficial. If someone is not feeling hungry, it means that our digestive system needs to rest. When this happens, we should consume more and more liquids. If we eat food despite not feeling hungry, then it increases the fatigue of our body due to which we sleep a lot. But this spoils our health.

By fasting and consuming more fluids, we remove the contaminated elements of the body. But the structure of the intestines is such that it cannot be cleaned properly. This requires taking an enema.

Even incurable diseases such as cancer can be cured by eliminating toxic elements through fasting, enema, drinking water, and fruit juices.

Fasting and Starving

There is a difference between fasting and being hungry. the food we eat every day,

He cannot digest completely. Some of it gets stored in the liver and in muscle fibers. As long as this food is not used, it keeps on accumulating. Whenever we fast, during that time our body takes its food from this accumulated fund. When the stored food is exhausted, the body relies on its own muscle fibers for food. This state is of being hungry.

If we wish, we can cure any disease by fasting.

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