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Stay Healthy

Photo of children playing. Childhood is usually the phase when we have the most health and energy. Investing in staying healthy is key to regaining the joy we had as children
Picture by Robert Collins at Unsplash

We have a very strong work culture these days, we glorify being tired, the long hours we work, and how exhausted we are. Terms like “burnout” have never been so used before. We’ve reached a level where taking time off makes us feel guilty. Even though work is essential to living a comfortable life and having some nice experiences, we often neglect one of our most important resources: our health. Investing in staying healthy, both physically and mentally is key to living a fulfilling happy life and being able to keep all of the important pillars of your life strong.

Staying healthy is essential to performing well at work, at school, and in our relationships. For instance, we need mental and physical health to nurture relationships, play with our children, study, work and pursue our dreams. We have only one health in our life.

Find out: you are sick or healthy

In today’s era, there are many types of medical methods which have the power to cure any disease. Today, when we fall ill and go to a doctor, he gives medicines etc. to cure the disease. But that medicine suppresses our disease and we become healthy externally. Actually, the medicines we take only causes the symptoms but the cause of the disease remains there. If you want to be completely healthy then follow some rules of nature.

If we follow nature and dietary rules, we will never fall ill in life. Anyway, the human body is like a machine in which many parts perform different functions. Just as a machine breaks down if it is not taken care of, in the same way, if the body is not taken care of, it breaks down.

What is health?

Experts of different Paths have their own opinion about it. For example, Dengue mosquito is considered to be the most dangerous mosquito in today’s era. According to allopathy- To avoid the diseases transmited by dengue mosquito, use a repellent machine at home and repellent cream or spray on the bodytake and it you get sick, use the help of medicines, . On the other hand, according to homeopathic – save the body from cold as far as possible, then the body will remain strong. According to Ayurveda – Keep the stomach clean. According to other experts – Increase the immunity of the body.

Nature says follow my rules, everything else will be maintained automatically. You can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy by resorting to Naturopathy without any cost and additional work. We are going to make you a doctor of Naturopathy by giving you maximum knowledge of Naturopathy.

Natural rules to stay healthy

To protect health, do some exercise daily according to your ability.

Take nutritious food in sufficient quantity.

Give rest to the body as required and get enough sleep.

Wear weather-appropriate clothing.

Avoid bad habits.

Relax and practice Pranayama for this.

Adopt the correct posture of getting up and sitting.

Get regular body massage done.

Keep the body neat and clean.

Make sure to fast once a week.

Good health is that in which both body and mind are healthy. If the body is vigorous but the mind is unhealthy, then such a body is not healthy. Any work done by us is done only on the orders of the brain, so no work can be completed if the brain is unhealthy. Likewise, no work can be completed if the body is not healthy. That’s why both body and mind must be healthy for good health. Often people do not know the importance of health and because of their ignorance, they always remain careless about health.

This carelessness goes on making the body unhealthy day by day and people’s life is filled with many miseries. It is necessary for any healthy body to follow the rules of health. If we follow the health rules as a part of our life, then the possibility of any kind of disease will end. When we are healthy then we will be able to make full use of our body and mind. As it has been said – a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and high thoughts flourish in a healthy mind. Therefore, following health rules is the key to a happy life.

Questions to find out if you are sick or healthy

If your answer is positive to all these questions, then you are definitely healthy, but if your answer is negative to any one question, then you are not completely healthy.

What is the identity of a sick person?

If bodily functions are abnormal.

The glow of the face and eyes has disappeared and there are dark circles under the eyes.

Excessive irritability, getting angry on every issue and talking pessimistically.

Feeling tired and more frustrated in small tasks.

Loss of appetite and sleeplessness.

Stool is loose or lumpy.

Not feeling hungry

Abdomen larger than chest.

Negative thoughts always arise in the mind.

Getting angry on small things.

Laziness remains a shadow.

Taking narcotics

Obesity, excess or underweight.

Now how will we identify a healthy and unhealthy body? Looking directly at a person, one cannot tell whether he is healthy or not. Many people look healthy but are internally unhealthy.

Those people do not know this, but the symptoms of unwellness are visible in them, such as laziness, lack of interest in work, mental problems etc. Many times people do not pay attention to him because of appearing healthy on the outside, nor do he pay attention to him himself. In such a situation, if someone looks healthy on the outside, then

He must be healthy, isn’t it?

How is your energy?

People often complain that they get tired easily. There are some people who talk about being tired without working. When there is a lack of energy in the body, we feel fatigue, so it is important that you eat a protein-rich breakfast to keep your body energized and fresh.

Water fills new energy in the body system by taking out the harmful substances from the body. Drink a lot of water, little by little throughout the day. You should also take sharbat, fruit juice, buttermilk, coconut water, etc.

Carbohydrates provide energy to the body. Eat fruits high in glucose, such as oranges, sweet limes, and lychees. Drinking honey mixed with milk and drinking banana shakes also gives good energy to the body.

It is most important that you take 7-8 hours of sleep so that you get enough energy for the next day. Whenever you feel tired, take a nap of 15-20 minutes. Due to lack of sleep, weight also increases and fatigue also occurs quickly.

Strengthen your youth

If you are thinking of improving your health, then first of all you need to improve your daily routine. He also needs to keep his stomach clean. If there is constipation in the stomach, no matter how many nutritious substances you consume, there will be no benefit.

You should eat on time and after chewing, so the digestive power remains fine. Then you should consume nutritious food or medicine.

Acharya Charak has said that there should be semen in the body of a man and ojas in the body of a woman, only then shine and radiance can be seen on the face and the body looks athletic.

Here we are giving information about some such nutritious substances, which people from adolescence to youth can take advantage of and become strong.

Tips to strengthen your youth

You should drink a glass of warm sweet milk with a spoonful of pure ghee at bedtime.

Eat Cream of milk mixed with ground sugar candy according to need, it is very powerful.

Grind an almond on a stone and mix it with milk and drink it, it gives immense strength. Use almonds only after grinding them.

Eat fresh butter extracted from buttermilk and sugar candy. When you eat it, wait one hour to drink water.

Cooking 50 grams of urad dal in half a liter of milk and making kheer and eating it gives immense strength. This kheer nourishes the whole body.

Eating milk bread and two-three bananas together in the morning gives strength and increases radiance.

Mix one spoon of ashgandh powder and one spoon of sugar candy and consume it in the morning and night with a lukewarm pav far, after consuming it at night, go to sleep. Changes will be visible in 40 days.

Grind white muesli or dholi muesli into powder, and take one spoonful of ground sugar candy with lukewarm milk in the morning and at night before going to bed. It is very powerful.

Eat apples, pomegranates, bananas or any seasonal fruit after meals in the morning and evening.

Drinking one tablespoon of honey mixed with one loaf of cold milk in the morning cleanses the blood, increases blood in the body.

Mix 2 teaspoons of onion juice, 1 teaspoon honey, 1/4 teaspoon ghee and consume it and see the miracle of power yourself. This recipe is perfect in increasing sexual power.

The above prescriptions are the same for all people. Consume then morning and night in a suitable quantity with proper method.

Daily routines to stay healthy

The key to success is not the big things we rarely do, but the small things we do every day.
For example, if your goal is to lose weight, spending an entire day exercising at your limits and eating a strict diet is dangerous and will not significantly advance toward your goal.
But small, consistent changes to your diet and exercise routine make all the difference! Consistency is the key.

Changing is hard, take your time and make things slow. Take one step at a time and you will get there. Your routine must be something you enjoy and look forward to, so never forget to add things that make you happy!

After all, we have some recommendations of adjustments you can make to your routine to live a healthy and long life, check what makes sense for you.

1. Get up early to stay healthy

Our body loves routines, so make sure you wake up at the same time most days – sometimes it’s not possible and it’s ok to need some more sleep, but always remember to get back to your routine. For Ayurveda, the sun plays a very important role in our lives, it brings us energy and guides our circadian cycle. To make the most of solar energy, always wake up before sunrise.
I know it’s hard to wake up at 5 am so change it slowly and allow your body to adjust. For instance, you can wake up 15 minutes earlier every few days so you can get used to it little by little.
Another tip is to place your alarm on the other side of the room, so you will need to get up to turn it off.
Moreover, to feel better first thing in the morning go for a 30-minute walk, alternative you can do some breathing exercises or Yoga for 20-30 minutes, and choose what makes you feel better and what you are going to look forward to doing.

Start the day with sun worship. This will awaken a powerthath will give freshness to the mind and heart.

2. Eat Healthy

Food is our body’s fuel. Take care of yourself by eating well and mostly natural foods. Try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and consume fats from only natural sources.

Limit the amount of fatty and sweet foods, they make you lethargic and lazy. In addition, they increase the chances of developing obesity and various other health problems. Also, avoid heavy or indigestible foods, if you eat them, you can balance them by fasting for a while, so that your body can finish digestion.

Equally important as watching what you eat is paying attention to how you eat. Always chew food with pleasure for better digestion, remember that the digestion process starts in the mouth.

Finally, as is well-known ayurvedic knowledge, eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Also, women especially should eat more grapes.

3. Get your body moving to stay healthy

Getting your body moving is very important to stay physically and mentally healthy. So, the more you can get your body moving, the better. You can walk, run, dance, swim, ride a bike, play sports, go to the gym, and exercise Yoga, among many other options, choose the ones that best fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Inviting a friend or family member to exercise is a great way to make these moments even better for your mental health. In addition, the simple fact of committing increases the chances of you keeping your word and not letting day-to-day fatigue overcome you.

To insert more exercises into your routine in a simple way, you can use walking as a means of transport for short distances, and leave the car at home as much as possible! Not only is it good for your health, but it’s also good for the environment. Another everyday action is to do housework chores by yourself, this works your muscles more than you think.

Always keep the body straight i.e. straight when sitting, straight when walking, straight when standing means always keep the body tight.

If your job makes you sit all day long, go for short walks during the day, during lunch break, in the morning or evening.

4. Maintain good hygiene

Hygiene is a very important part of self-care, fundamental to keeping your body healthy and making you feel good, clean, and fresh. Thus, just the act of taking care of yourself and grooming improve your mental health.

First of all, make sure to brush your teeth in the morning and the evening, for example with manjan.

Creating a nighttime routine is great for getting your body and mind ready for sleep. Taking a relaxing shower and wearing comfortable, thin pajamas that allow your skin to breathe, preferably cotton, is a great idea to get you ready for bed. Besides, avoid bright light, as it impairs melatonin production and is indicative of the day, confusing your circadian rhythm. To do that, leave the electronics aside or keep the brightness to a minimum, turn off the light in the house, and leave only a lamp on with soft light if you need it.

Take care of your hair, moisturize it, and use oils regularly for healthy hair. Also, keep your hair neat and clean!

Last, dress according to your personality. Wearing clothes that are a little tight will keep you agile.

5. Take care of your mind to stay healthy

To stay healthy it is very important to take care of your mind and spirit, below are some important concepts to do so according to Ayurveda:

  • Don’t let laziness come into your mind, keep the desire to do the work promptly.
  • Busyness is a boon, it is free medicine for longevity, keep yourself busy.
  • Keep a sense of dedication towards the goal, purpose, and work in your life.
  • Make sure you take the time to get in touch with the God you believe in. No matter what religion you follow, you must pray to God according to your religious practice.
  • We will be insulted on several occasions, due to fickleness of mind and speech. But by maintaining restraint in speech, we can reverse the situation and gain affection from others, not hate.
  • Anger destroys the beauty of the body, mind, and thoughts. Avoid wasting your physical energy by exercising restraint in moments of anger.

Keep your body and mind fresh during the day

These days people have made their lifestyle such that day by day they are getting surrounded by new problems and diseases. Be it food or a comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, the urban environment has also helped him a lot in making such a routine. They get all the luxuries sitting at home. They don’t even need to get up and go anywhere. Result…

Lifestyle diseases. Let’s start the new year with some resolutions to change our comfortable lifestyle. Here are 15 easy health tips that you can follow to maintain your figure. Also, by adopting them, you will also feel fresh throughout the day.

Exercise tips

Walk everyday. If possible, play football or other games, it is a kind of exercise.

If you go to the office or anywhere, use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Take your dog for a walk yourself. Play with children, walk barefoot in the lawn, plant trees around the house, that is, do all that you can keep yourself active.

Do not exercise in a place where there is a lot of crowd.

Food tips to stay healthy

Avoid fried food, and other fatty things, it is the root of many diseases.

Consume dairy products. Such as cheese, cottage cheese, low fat products of milk and cream etc.

If you must eat some fatty products, look for light versions such as low fat cheese, light mayonnaise and light butter.

Reduce stress

Stress has a lot of negative effects in our lives. According to experts, positive thoughts can prove to be very helpful in reducing stress.

To reduce stress, take a break and do something you like for at least half an hour every day.

You can also take the help of yoga to reduce stress.

Anger plays an important role in increasing stress, so count from one to ten to calm yourself when angry.

Try to stay away from those people who increase your stress.

Quit smoking to stay healthy

Abstain from smoking. Smoking not only affects the body and age, but also can cause dangerous diseases like lung cancer.

To cut back on smoking, eat fennel when you feel the urge to smoke.

Nowadays many products are available in the market which reduce the urge to smoke.

Improve your sharp mind and memory

As soon as the exam comes closer, the mind only remembers to study and study. Neither day nor night does he feel like getting lost in the world of books. Whatever he understood was fine, otherwise, he memorized it. The problem is that even after spending months in preparation, many times the result comes out only. That is, as soon as the paper comes in the hand in the exam hall, the light of the mind goes off. Only vague memories of whatever I read during the preparations start roaming in the mind, the rest just gets lost somewhere in the black darkness.

This does not happen with any one but with most of the youth. To avoid this, more students use memory improve medicines or intellectual drinks coming in the market. According to him, this improves his memory, but experts believe that instead of improving the memory, make it strong so that you can keep it in your mind for a long time.

remember for a long time

According to psychologists, improving memory and strengthening it are two different things. It is not possible to remember more and more in a short time by taking medicines, but the ability to store in the brain can be developed by staying fully nutrition and tension free. Memory needs to be made strong, not improved. At one time, due to many things roaming in the mind, we start wandering and forget everything in the past. To avoid this, do one thing at a time. Taking ten jobs will affect all your work.

Yoga increases oxygen level

With the help of yoga and pranayama, the memory power of the brain can be increased. It has certain actions, with the help of which the level of oxygen in the brain can be increased. Yoga teacher Vikas Pathak explains that memory can be strengthened.

Students have the same problem that they remember but cannot store in their minds. Due to stress and lack of oxygen level, remembered recall is not possible. Take the help of yoga for this problem. Yoga increases the oxygen level.

Take a deep breath!

Exhale and take long breaths before giving the exam. Repeat this process after 20 to 30 minutes. This will maintain the level of oxygen in the brain and keep the function of the brain free from stress. Often this process is done before doing any stressful work.

use these

1- Pronounce Om!

Taking a long breath with your mouth open and then chanting Om is also the best way to get oxygen.

2- Bhramari Pranayama is also better!

Bhramari Pranayama releases hormones that relax the mind. Along with this, Bhramari Pranayama increases the ability to fight in the mind.

3- Concentrate on only one task!

Do only one thing at a time. By doing many things at once, our mind becomes stressed instead of being stable. Do your best to avoid this situation.

Start in a new year

Everyone must have taken a vow to do and achieve something better in the new year, but to ensure that health doesn’t come in the way of fulfilling all those resolutions, you have to adopt proper diet and exercise right in the new year.

Here are some great tips from health expert Tracy Anderson to stay healthy in the coming year:

Be honest about achieving the desired health: You must first identify honestly what kind of health you want and where your current health is in that direction. After this, you have to adopt prescribed health-providing exercises.

Exercise five to seven days a week. If you don’t exercise, you’ll stay still and put on weight. We need to make taking care of the body a habit.

We spend five minutes each day taking care of our teeth and teeth are very small compared to the rest of our body. Therefore, if teeth take five minutes, then take care of the whole body for at least 30 to 60 minutes.

Adapt proper diet and exercise together: If you want to lose weight, then you have to train yourself for exercise, as well as adopt a proper diet. Avoid processed foods and eat natural foods.

Create a list of your favorite songs to work out. Everyone loves listening to music, and everyone has their own favorite songs. These songs can be very helpful while you exercise, so make a list of your favorite songs and listen to them while you exercise.

When to eat and how to eat to stay healthy

Eat food after chewing it thoroughly for at least 20-25 minutes and facing north or east. Those who eat quickly or without chewing well become irritable and grumpy.

Eat between 9 to 11 in the morning and 5 to 7 in the evening. According to Sages and Ayurvedacharyas you should never eat without feeling hungry. Therefore, keep the quantity of food in the morning and evening in such a way that you feel hungry during the time mentioned above.

To eat without appetite is to invite diseases. No matter how much someone urges you, be careful. Your stomach is yours. You have to digest

You should rinse your mouth with water after eating and drinking. Keeping a false mouth weakens the intellect and germs get accumulated in the teeth and gums.

If you want to drink while you are eating, then the Ida pulse i.e. the left nostril should be activated. If the right swara is on, then drink by pressing the right nostril while inhaling through the left nostril.

Importance of fasting and clapping

Fasting to stay healthy

Fasting is considered important in all religions. Similarly it is considered very special for physical health. For example, during the days of Navratras, when we fast for the whole nine days, only fruits are consumed at that time. Due to consuming only fruits for nine days, the wastage of the body was removed and no other wastage could be formed in the body. What will happen from this is that neither waste will accumulate in the body nor any kind of disease will arise. Normally any person becomes ill due to accumulation of waste in the body.

Whenever any kind of disturbance arises in the body, the body gives us its indication and the first indication that comes in this is that our appetite has decreased. Nature says that if your hunger has decreased by fifty percent, then you should skip one meal. With this, you will never fall ill in life.

Diseases for naturopathy

If we miss here – what is called disease in medical language and body functions in naturopathy, if you do not pay attention to it, then it manifests as a big disease. If there is a disorder in the stomach, then the food will not be digested after the disorder. In such a situation, there are two ways to remove the disorders of the body – first through the latrine and second through the mouth. If the disorder is taken out through the latrine, then it has to cover a distance of about 33 feet. While to remove this disorder through the mouth, a distance of about one foot has to be covered, which means vomiting has to be done.

If vomiting comes on its own then let it come and if it does not come then vomit after drinking water. If you vomit as much as you want, there is no harm in it, rather it removes the dirt from the body. Similarly, if loose motion occurs, it should not be suppressed with medicines. Drink plenty of water and go to the latrine as soon as the latrine comes. In this way, the entire intestines will be cleaned. But often we suppress it by using medicines, due to which it stops and accumulates in the body and becomes a chronic disease. Diseases like diabetes, stone, tumors, etc. are the result of suppressing the disorders coming out of the body. Otherwise, the tumor is not formed in a day, it takes years for it to form.

Relaxation to stay healthy

Relaxation is considered very important in life, why? Because when we work all day long, many cells in our body are destroyed and some dangerous by-products like chemicals, etc. are formed. Without moments of relaxation, where our activities stop and these residues are eliminated, our body will accumulate these toxins.

Many times it also happens that we get tired mentally or physically, sometimes tiredness comes due to workload, and in such a situation it is appropriate to take a rest. For relaxation, it is considered most appropriate to lie down in breathing. If there is tension due to excessive mental work, then also in such a situation, you can lie down in breathing. But in breathing you can only lie down at home, not in the office or anywhere outside. In this case, instead of breathing, Anjanimudra can be used. This also removes mental stress.

For this, make your hands in the posture of a bowl, then close your eyes and cover one eye with one hand, your fingers will come on the forehead. Now in the same way keep the other hand on the other eye so that your fingers will come above the forehead. After staying in this position for two to ten minutes, all your mental troubles will go away. After that, you can start your work. The sleep you have now is very important at night. The deeper the sleep, the more our body will detoxify, and the more the body detoxifies, the fresher it will be.

Improve sleep

If you get up at night to urinate or drink water, it means you haven’t had a deep sleep. The more waste there is in food, the less refreshing your sleep will be, so you’ll need to sleep longer. Students, doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. who need to do more mental work, need to stay awake for longer hours. Such people must maintain a natural diet so that there is less waste in the body.

If there is less waste product in the body, then sleep will also be less than required. What we do is that we often keep using tea/coffee to eliminate sleep. But if fruits are taken in their place, then the waste products will be completely reduced and there will be no harm to the body. If there is any function, wedding or party and if you have to stay awake till late at night, then start taking fruits, juices, etc from morning itself. This will neither cause laziness nor weariness.

The power of silence

The power of silence is also special in itself. It takes a lot of energy from the body to speak, so it is better if you say your words in fewer words. If you want to see the power of silence, observe silence for one day and see how fresh you feel on the second day. We keep wasting our energy by talking unnecessarily. That’s why to save your energy, you should speak less.

Clapping – only rhythm

One can get rid of any disease just by clapping hands. The practice of clapping while singing or listening to music keeps the body healthy. Clapping not only protects against diseases, but also cures many diseases. Clapping is the simplest Sahaja Yoga in the world and if you clap regularly even for 2 minutes every day, then there is no need for any hatha yoga or asanas.

Continuous clapping gives strength to the white cells of the blood, which increases the immunity power in the body, protecting it from the attack of diseases.

The role of clapping is also important in the practice of meditation. While meditating, you close your eyes but your ears are open. There is no way to close our ears, so we can lose our attention at the slightest sound. But when we clap our hands fast, our ears get busy listening to the sound of clapping and do not pay attention to other sounds. By gradually increasing the duration of clapping, we can also increase the duration of meditation.

The points of all the internal excretory institutions of the body are present in the palms. When there is repeated pressure on these points by clapping, all the internal institutions get energy and start doing their work properly, so that the body remains healthy and disease free. By clapping body fat is reduced, disorders are destroyed and the balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha is maintained.

Just as we shake a cloth to clean it, that is, to remove dust, in the same way, our body is also cleaned by the shocks caused by clapping.

Clapping is also a symbol of the happiness of the mind. This is why clapping is done with happiness. All of you should also be happy and clap every day.

Health tips for computer work

One cannot even imagine life without computers anymore. Computer is a special need of today. We cannot avoid its side effects because we keep using it continuously. Nevertheless, there are some preventive tips which we can use in our life to reduce the effects of those side effects:

• Most of the employees work on computers for long hours sitting in air-conditioned rooms, this reduces our body’s moisture. To preserve that moisture, one must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Tea, coffee, and soft drinks do not make up for the lack of water, they actually can cause kidney damage.

• Do not sit in front of the monitor for long periods of time. This causes fatigue in the eyes. There is also pain in hanging legs. Continuous sitting also causes pain in the back. To avoid this, get up every 30 to 40 minutes and take a walk around so that the eyes, waist and legs get rest.

• Try if you can see greenery or water from the window, then put your attention there and enjoy nature. Eyes will feel good.

• Keep blinking your eyes while working on the computer so that continuous work does not cause excessive fatigue in the eyes.

• Make creases of your palms and cover your eyes with these cups. Open and close your eyes 20 to 25 times so that your eyes will feel relaxed

• Splash cold water on your eyes whenever you feel tired or when you wake up in the morning. With such a simple action you can treat the irritation, redness and allergy of your eyes.

• If you use glasses, wash them at least once a day so that the soil or dust particles on it do not affect your vision.

Reduce your risk to get sick

Fruit juice, more ghee, oil things, more sour, (do not drink matta at night)

You should not drink water immediately after eating oily food, such as ghee, but after waiting a half hour.

Do not walk too fast immediately after a meal, go for a walk only after resting for some time.

Even on cold days, one should not sleep with a cloth on the head or wear socks on the feet.

Do not use raw hot chili spices, always cook or steam them.

While going out in the hot sun, you must wear a cap or a cloth, and glasses for your eyes.
In case of burn from fire or any hot thing, pour cold water first.

Note- If you take care of even one-tenth of these things in food and drink, then you will never fall ill. You will live long and remain healthy.

Small but pearly information to strengthen your health

  1. Do not take medicines with cold water.
  2. Do not eat heavy food after five in the evening.
  3. Drink more water in the morning than at night.
  4. The best time to sleep is from 10 at the night to 4 in the morning.
  5. Do not sleep or lie down immediately after eating food.
  6. Hear phone calls through the left ear.
  7. Do not use your phone when the battery is very low. Because the radiation is 1000 times greater at that time.
  8. Do not make or receive calls from the phone when it’s charging. At that time more radiation comes out.

Some rules to strengthen your health

  • All people should do yoga and exercise in the morning and evening because it maintains good health. The benefits of yoga and exercise are no less than any kind of medicine. While medicine cures diseases costing money, yoga and exercise also cure many types of diseases without spending any money.
  • Remain calm and cheerful because by this the health remains correct and the body becomes healthy.
  • You must not fight or cultivate anger because these attitudes destroy your body’s health.
  • Individuals should never be disappointed in their life and should always try to be happy only then the health of the body can be maintained.
  • People should eat food that benefits the body and drink water that makes the body healthy and should speak to all people in such a language that everyone likes.
  • The practice of intermittent fasting is very beneficial. Try to limit the number of meals a day to a maximum of three, with one meal a day being ideal. This is especially important if you suffer from stomach problems, in which case limit the amount of food you eat, reducing the number of daily meals and the amount of food per meal until you reach a maximum of 50-60% of what you usually eat, until you feel better. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Some rules related to food

To stay healthy, it is very important to follow some rules of food. A person can remain healthy only by following these rules. When a person consumes food contrary to the rules of eating, then many types of diseases arise in his body, due to which the health of the patient starts declining day by day. Therefore, all people should follow the rules related to food.

All people should eat food less than their appetite. Chewed food thoroughly and always eat nutritious food. By eating this type of food, the health of the sick person remains good.

You should me mindfull and carefull about the food you are consuming. Never eat food that is contaminated and harmful to the body. Be carefull about the places you buy your food from and also about the expiration date of the food on you pantry and fridge and the conservation instructions.

To cast away weakness

Wash two raisins and put them in a glass at night, and squeeze a lemon into it; Keep it overnight, wash it in the morning and drink it; you will find yourself in vigor and strength

Drinking Tips to stay healthy

1. Drinking dirty water causes diseases like tuberculosis, cough, and asthma.

2. If there is water in the stomach, take two cups of coconut water daily.

3. To get rid of heat stroke, squeeze a paper lemon in sugar syrup and drink it.

4. To stay away from kidney stones, consume watermelon drinks regularly.

5. Drinking carrot juice mixed with honey and salt brings back diminished eyesight.

6. Bitter gourd drink is very beneficial for heart patients. It keeps the blood clean.

7. If your cough increases by drinking water mixed with sugar or new jaggery, then mix some more and drink it.

8. Mixing new jaggery in water and drinking it removes obstruction in urine.

9. Mixing old jaggery in water and drinking it causes gallstones.

10. Do not drink coffe on an empity stomach in the morning.

Some rules for drinking water

Water is essential and considered the liquid of life, without it, we can’t survive more than 4 days when we can survive up to 50 days without any food. It’s important to be extra careful about water ingestion, not only the amount and frequency but also when and how to drink it to stay healthy.

when to drink water

  • Drink little water during meals. Also, don’t drink to much water right after meals
  • Do not drink water immediately before and after meals, as it causes indigestion. The reason is that water cools and dilutes gastric juices, which causes constipation and indigestion. Instead, drink water two hours after your meal.
  • If you struggle with acidity, effects of excessive heat, poisoning, or overwork, wait at least two hours after eating to drink cold water
  • Don’t drink water after walking under the hot sun, after any physical labor, or immediately after defecation.
  • If you like cold water, drink it early in the morning before defecation, since cold water takes longer to digest. Moreover, it’s better to drink boiled and cooled water only, since it is digested quickly.
  • If you feel thirsty on an empty stomach, drink water after eating jaggery.
  • Drinking water immediately after waking up at night causes cold.
  • Drink water with a calm mind, don’t drink it in case of excessive grief, stress, anger
  • Never drink water lying down or in the dark
  • Drinking water while sweating, and inhaling excess air while sitting in the shade cause pain in the chest and head.

How to drink water

  • Drink one glass of water at a time, otherwise, there may be problems of indigestion.
  • Avoid running, horse riding, etc. immediately after drinking water.
  • After drinking water, do not leave the nose and leave the first breath through the mouth.
  • If you feel thirsty, drink water right away.
  • You should always drink water sip by sip.
  • Always drink water sitting down, as drinking water standing up causes pain in your knees.
  • If you have stomach problems and when you touch it, it is cold, if you have breathing problems, hiccups, anorexia, a cold, or fever, then boil water, let it cool, and drink that water little by little during the day.

There is a rule for every work, if you do it according to the rule, then it is beneficial. Follow some similar rules with water to stay healthy against all diseases.

Boiled water cures

Drink water after being boiled, if the remaining boiled water is 75%, it cures gas problems, if 50% water remains, it cures pitta(heat) problems, if 25% water remains, it cures cough problems.

How is the chicken quality in your country?

Eating chicken can prove to be harmful to your health. According to a new survey, doctors give you antibiotics in many diseases, but their effect is negligible. One of the reasons for this can be chicken. According to this survey, there is a weakness in the power of fighting the disease among the chicken eaters.

According to a survey conducted in Delhi-NCR, chickens are fed antibiotics so that they gain more weight and grow faster. In such a situation, antibiotics can be ineffective for the chicken eater because during the sampling it was found that 40 percent of antibiotics are present in the body of the chickens only. In this situation, these medicines are not able to show a favorable effect on the human body, hence there is a decrease in the power to fight against the disease.

The Center for Science and Environment (CSE) took 70 samples of chicken from Delhi and NCR cities for this survey. Antibiotics were found in 40 percent of these. 17 percent of the samples had more than one type of antibiotic. CSE has said that the government will have to take necessary steps to solve this deadly problem for humans.

The report states that antibiotics like ciprofloxacin are being used indiscriminately in the poultry farm. By eating such chicken, the effect of antibiotics taken to get rid of the disease in people is greatly reduced. Due to this, antibiotics will not affect people and the disease can also be fatal.

Beware of sweets

Your body doesn’t need sweets. It is enough to eat bread, vegetables, pulses, and fruits for health, the rest is useless. Don’t even feed Rasgulla to the enemy! If someone wants to give slow poisoning, then feed Idli Dosa and if you want to give sweet poison to someone, then give “Kurkure”!! These things do a lot of harm to health. Avoid them.

Avoid crackers too.

Eyes and Ears

Grind a mixture of 250 grams of black sesame seeds and 125 grams of amla powder and eat 11 and a half grams (1 tola) daily.
Do not drink a lot of milk a day; do not eat salty and sour.

Those who wear spectacles or have any eye problems, they should take 11 grams of Triphala Rasayan daily in the morning and 11 grams in the evening. Bapuji studied without glasses at the age of 68 because he also used Triphala Rasayan must follow

Eye problems

All ophthalmic, intelligence and vision enhancer

Triphala Rasayana Kalpa is Tridoshanashak, senses enhancer especially beneficial for eyes, prevents old age and increases intelligence. There is a surprising increase in eyesight by its use. Protects against eye diseases like mystique, night blindness, cataract, glaucoma etc. Hair becomes black, thick and strong. Consuming methodically for 40 days increases memory, intelligence, strength and semen. Consuming it for 60 days shows a special effect. It is well known that respected Bapu ji has got amazing benefits from this experiment, his spectacles have come off.


On the night of Sharad Purnima, mix 350 grams of triphala powder, 350 grams of desi cow’s ghee and 175 grams of pure honey in a silver vessel, cover the vessel with a thin white cloth and keep it in the moonlight overnight. Next morning, fill this mixture in a glass or sugar vessel. (The above quantities are for 40 days use. For 60 days use, take one and a half times the quantities of triphala, ghee and honey.)
Dosage: Take 11 grams of the mixture with lukewarm water in the morning and evening (6 grams for children).
Eat sattvic, well-digestible food only once a day. It is good if there is less salt in the food during these days. Use of rock salt instead of ordinary salt is very beneficial. You can take cow’s milk in the morning and evening. It is necessary to keep a gap of two and a half hours between the consumption of milk and chemicals. During Kalpa days, don’t consue sour, fried, chili-spicy and heavy to digest substances. In these days, consumption of only milk-rice, milk-porridge or milk-bread is more beneficial.
After this experiment, the use of Mamra almonds for 40 days will be very beneficial. Make sure to use eye drops in the days of Kalpa.

to keep good eyesigh

To increase eyesight, Take black pepper (powder) + ghee and honey, put it in your mouth and leave it there for a while then eat it. Eyesight will be good.
At the time of sleeping castor oil tilak on the abyachakra and go to sleep, then the eyesight will be good.

Aural hearing

Put some drops of mustard oil on you fingers and massage your ear with that oil.

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