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Balance is the key to a healthy and fulfilling life, if you are struggling with your weight, whether you need to lose weight or gain weight, Ayurvedic knowledge can help you to achieve your balance.

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Losing or gaining weight is a topic with many different opinions. People tell individual tips or diet plans, according to which losing weight is like child’s play. But the reality is that it takes a lot of work, and it is a challenge.

The science of gaining weight is very simple. If you are eating or drinking more calories than you burn, your weight gain is certain. The remaining calories are stored in our body in the form of fat and our weight increases.

Before starting the process of losing or gaining weight, you should know if your current weight is in balance and the healthy range. How to know if your weight is right or not? From here you will be able to know your Body Mass Index. BMI is a very simple tool that tells you how much body fat you have according to your weight and height. Your BMI tells which weight category you fall into.

How many calories you burn?

The amount of calories you burn depends on many factors, to make an accurate estimate the Mifflin-St Jeor formula is used, which uses your weight, height, gender, age, activity level, and optionally body fat percentage to make the estimate. Use this perfect calculator to quickly calculate the calories you burn daily. To lose weight, make a moderate calorie deficit, such as 10% fewer calories than maintenance. Don’t go into an extreme caloric deficit as it can lead to binge eating and make you gain all the weight back. Find your own personal balance.

Main reasons for weight gain

Now if you are suffering from being overweight or obese then you need to reduce your weight. And if you need it, then you should also know what is the reason for the situation in which you have reached. Generally, there are two reasons for weight gain:

Food and drink

The main reason for weight gain is what we eat and drink. The more calories there are in our food, the greater the chances of gaining weight. By consuming more fried-roasted, fast food, desi ghee, cold drinks, etc., more calories get accumulated in the body which we are not able to burn without extra effort and the result is visible in the form of our increased weight. If you are aware of how many calories your body needs every day and consume the same amount, then your weight will not increase.

Being inactive

If your daily routine is such that you do not have to move much, then your weight gain is almost certain. Especially people who stay at home or work sitting in a chair all day long should consciously include some physical activity in their daily life. For example, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and play a game of your interest, like badminton, table tennis, etc. If you can get a treadmill or gym membership and use it regularly then it will be very beneficial. By the way, the cheapest and easiest way is to make the habit of doing sports or walking for some time every day.

Weight loss tips

Now that you have come to know the reason behind the weight gain or loss it depends on your willpower and knowledge to reduce it. Here I am sharing some such weight loss tips from Ayurveda. Hope this information will be of use for you to balance your weight.

Be patient to achieve your weight balance

Remember that your weight today is not a result of two days or two months. This is the result of your lifestyle that has been going on for a long time. And if you want to lose weight then definitely you have to be patient. This statement by Benjamin Franklin – “He that can have patience can have what he will.” always inspires me. So be prepared that this work will take time. You may not see any difference in your weight in the first one or two weeks, but this is the time when you have to be strong, and have patience and courage to keep going, consistency is key.

Have faith in your efforts

More than anything else, it is important that you believe in the efforts you are making to lose weight. If on one hand you are going to the gym every day and on the other hand you keep telling your friends that there is no use in going to the gym, then your subconscious mind will also accept the same thing, and you will not get any results from your efforts. It is very important to talk positively to yourself. Tell yourself, “I’m getting fit”, “I’m getting results”, etc.

Visualize you in your balance weight

Think of yourself as you want to appear. Know for sure it will help you lose weight. If you want, you can put a picture on the wall of your room, or a computer screen of you when you are at your balance weight, or if you don’t have any, you can use a picture of a person with a similar body type and that it’s a realistic goal. Seeing yourself like that every day will make that thing even more possible. Every time you think that you are in a good shape, take a picture.

After breakfast, make water your main drink

You can have orange juice, tea, milk, etc. at breakfast time, but after that use only water to drink throughout the day. Don’t even touch iced drinks and sugared tea. Also, keep tabs on your coffee, and drink it black without sugar, this way you will reduce your caloric intake by 200-250 calories a day.

Use technology in your favor

Use a device that counts your steps, like a smart watch, smart band, or smartphone. Put it on and try to walk 1000 extra steps every day. Those who are overweight usually walk only two to three thousand steps daily. If you add 2,000 more steps to this, your current weight will remain and if you walk more than that, you will lose weight.

Keep a small diary with you

Write whatever you eat in a diary or using a food tracking app. Research has found that people who do this consume 15% fewer calories than others.

Eat in small portions

Instead of eating three times, eat little by little 5-6 times. In a research conducted in South Africa, it was found that if a person eats small meals 5-6 times a day instead of morning, afternoon and evening consumes 30% fewer calories. And even if they are consuming the same number of calories as they consume three times, by doing this the body releases less insulin, which keeps your blood sugar right and you feel less hungry.

Walk for 45 minutes every day for a balanced weight

Walking 30 minutes daily will help you to avoid gaining weight but if you want to reduce your weight you should walk 45 minutes daily at least. If you do this every day, you can lose 15 kg of weight in a year even without changing your diet. And if you do this work early in the morning in the fresh air then it is even better. But for this, you have to make a habit of getting up early in the morning.

Use blue color more

Blue color reduces appetite. This is the reason why most restaurants avoid using this color. So you should use blue colored plates for food, wear blue clothes, and put a blue tablecloth on the table. On the contrary, avoid the colors red, yellow, and orange while eating, as they increase appetite.

Donate your old clothes when you are at your balanced weight

Once you have achieved your balance weight, donate your old clothes, which are now loose to you. Doing this will have two benefits. Firstly, you will be happy to donate something and secondly, one thing will remain in your mind if you become fat again, you will have to buy so many clothes again. This will encourage you to keep your weight right.

Use a small plate to eat to balance your weight

Studies have shown that no matter how hungry you are if you have less food in front of you you will eat less, and if you have more food you will eat more. So it would be better if you make a small plate in which less food comes. Similarly, use small cups for tea and coffee too. Taking food repeatedly increases your calorie intake, so take as much food as you want in one go.

Place a mirror in front of where you eat

In a study, it was found that people who eat in front of a mirror eat less. Perhaps seeing their shape reminds them that it is very important for them to lose weight. Don’t do that if you struggle with eating disorders or body dysmorphia.

Eat water-rich food to balance your weight

Research by Pennsylvania State University has found that eating water-rich food, such as tomatoes, gourd, cucumber, etc., reduces your total calorie consumption, so use them more and more.

Use low-fat milk

Use skim milk in making tea, coffee, or even just for drinking milk, which is high in calcium and low in calories.

Eat 90% of food at home for a balanced weight

Eat food at home as much as possible, and if you can take home-cooked food with you when you go out, take it. Outside food is mostly high fat and high calorie. Avoid them.

Eat slowly

By eating slowly, your brain will give the signal of fullness in advance and you will eat less.

Eat only when you are really hungry

Many times we start eating just like that. Many people also start eating because of habit, sadness, or nervousness. Next time eat only when you really can’t bear hunger. If you are looking for a specific thing to eat, then it is not hunger, it is a matter of changing taste, when you are really hungry, you will like to eat whatever you get.

Eat fruits instead of drinking juices

Instead of drinking juices, eat fruits, and you will get the same benefits, and fruits will also reduce your appetite as compared to juices, due to which you will eat less overall.

Walk more to achieve your balance weight

The more you walk, the more calories you burn. Using the stairs instead of the elevator, walking will be useful for you. Even at home, try walking around your house once or twice a day. Small efforts will give big results.

Do heavy work once a week

Do one heavy work or activity every week. For example, you can think of washing your bike or car, planning to go somewhere with the kids, or cleaning the house to help your partner.

Consume most of the calories before noon

Studies have shown that the more you eat during the day, the less you eat at night, and the more likely you are to burn off the calories you consumed during the day.


Whenever you get time, dance to good music. By doing this you will be entertained and burn a lot of calories. Bring it into your routine, make it a good habit.

Use lemon and honey to balance your weight

Consume lemon and honey with lukewarm water every morning, doing this can reduce your weight.

Drink 3 glasses of water before eating in the afternoon

By doing this you will feel less hungry, and if you want to reduce your weight, then eating a little less than your appetite will be beneficial for you.

Drink ginger water to balance your weight

Boil one liter of water, cut 20-100 grams of fresh ginger into small pieces, and add them to the water. Drink this water during the day, little by little. Drinking ginger water will help you to lose weight. If you don’t like the taste of ginger water, you can add some fresh lemon, orange or strawberry slices, or other fresh fruit.

Reduce hunger

To reduce hunger, eat a cucumber after squeezing a lemon on it.

Weight gain tips

Thin people keep trying to put on some weight to get into balance. Weakness often comes due to a lack of proper nutrition and a good diet. In such a situation, if you are also troubled by the thin body, then follow the measures given below.

1. Include high-protein food in your regular diet.

2. Eat high-calorie food. Consume more of those foods which have high-calorie content.

3. Have a heavy breakfast in the morning.

4. Chyawanprash is an Ayurvedic medicine for weight gain.

5. Taking Shatavari Kalpa not only keeps the eyes and muscles good, but it also increases weight.

6. Vasant Kusumkar juice is also beneficial in increasing weight quickly.

7. Taking  Ashwagandha Valeha with water and milk gives a quick effect.

8. Soak 50 grams of raisins in clean water. Consume it in the morning for three months. The weight will start increasing soon.

9. Consuming almond milk or butter, ghee, etc. at the time of breakfast will keep you healthy and will also increase your weight.

Soup diet

Are you looking for an effective way to cut your calories? So we have a very easy way to reduce calories for you. To reduce your calories, just eat soup before your meal. Then see how much your calories go down.

Research conducted at Penn State has shown the fact that consuming a calorie-reduced soup before a meal helps a lot in reducing calories. The consumption of soup reduces your calories by up to 20 percent.

According to researcher Barbara Rolls, different types of soup have different effects on the amount of food that enters the body. She also says that the purpose of our research is to find out the effect of different types of soup on the body.

Also, in this research, the researchers also believed that the method of making the soup also has a great impact on the amount of food consumed. In this research, a soup made from chicken, broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and butter was studied.

Not only this, different forms of soup prepared from these vegetables by different methods were also tested. Research has shown that the amount of chewing of different types of soup also depends on the amount of calories that soup can reduce.

Along with this, it was also found in this research that the consumption of more cream or calorie-increasing soup is very harmful for the body. Consuming such soup can increase the calories by 100 to 150. Full details of this research were presented at the Experimental Biology Conference held in Washington.

Chicken Tortilla Soup
A delicious soup that can help you to lose weight easily
Check out this recipe
Photo of Ayurveda Chicken Tortilla Soup served in a white bowl with golden rims. there's also another bowl of tortilla chips on the side. Next to the soup is a napkin decorated with a fork and spoon.

Reduce obesity

Many people are worried about obesity and want to get rid of it. They find some solutions and use them, but it is often seen that not all solutions are beneficial for all people, so there is no need to be disappointed and they should adopt another strategy to get to a balance weight!

Drink radish juice with lemon

Mixing a little salt and lemon juice in radish juice and drinking it regularly can help to reduce obesity and makes the body shapely!

Eat a special porage to balance your weight

Roast wheat, rice, millet, and whole moong in equal quantity and make porridge out of it! Add 20 grams of carom seeds and 50 grams of white sesame seeds to this porridge. Cook 50 grams of porridge in 400 ml of water! Add vegetables and light salt as per taste! Consuming this porridge regularly for one month can give benefits in obesity and diabetes!

Use Ashwagandha for a balanced weight

Take 5 grams of Ashwagandha daily in the morning, afternoon, and evening one hour before the meal or on an empty stomach with water! With regular consumption of fruits, vegetables, milk, buttermilk, and juices for a week, many kilos of weight can be reduced.

Avoid wheat flour

Stop the consumption of all the dishes made of wheat flour in the diet for one month. Bread is also included in this! Fill your stomach only by eating pulses, vegetables and seasonal fruits for the first 4-6 days! In pulses, you can take only peeled moong dal, pigeon pea or lentils or urad dal! In vegetables, you can take whatever you want! Make a salad by taking carrots, radish, cucumber, spinach, cabbage, ripe tomatoes and green chilies. ! Sprinkle desired amount of black pepper, rock salt, cumin and squeeze lemon on the salad. Instead of eating bread made of wheat, eat pulses, vegetables, salad and drink a glass of buttermilk sip by sip while eating to fill the stomach!

There is nothing to worry about if the quantity is too much. Keep eating like this for 6-7 days! After this, reduce the amount of bread made of wheat that you eat.

Castor root decocation

By making a decoction of castor root and filtering it, taking one spoonful of honey three times a day regularly can help to remove obesity.

Chitrak’s root powder

Consuming Chitrak’s root powder with one gram of honey regularly in the morning and evening and avoiding food can also remove obesity!!

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