Vegetables with eggs and rice

Photo of Vegetables with eggs and rice on a white plate with flowery details. Below the plate is a golden fork on top of a green flowered napkin.

This vegetables with eggs and rice recipe is a perfect, balanced lunch option that combines carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. With a variety of fresh vegetables, which provide essential vitamins and minerals, with eggs and rice for a satisfying and nutritious meal. Not only is this dish quick to prepare, with a total time of […]

Vegan Cherry Chocolate Smoothie with Superfood Triphala

Photo of Cherry Chocolate Smoothie in a glass cup on top of a decorated red tray. Next to the glass there is a flower arrangement, with an angel statue.

This Vegan Cherry Chocolate Smoothie is delicious and creamy with a chocolate note. Smoothie is an excellent breakfast or quick snack option for your day. This smoothie features a super food from Ayurveda: Triphala has sweet, sour, astringent, and bitter qualities, that help this smoothie to balance all doshas. To learn more about Triphala, check […]

Vegetarian Cauliflower pumpkin soup

Photo of Cauliflower pumpkin soup in a blue bowl with a brown rim. Next to the bowl is a golden spoon.

This Vegetarian Cauliflower pumpkin soup recipe is a delicious soup to warm up your winter evenings. The perfect dinner for a cozy evening! This soup has several vegetables as a base, bringing many nutrients to your diet, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it has low carbohydrates and lots of fiber, bringing greater satiety to your dinner […]

Masala Chai

Image of masala chai in a beige mug with brown edges. The mug is on a decorated red tray and next to it is a heart-shaped glass bowl with dried fruits.

This Masala Chai is a delicious, energizing tea that can be used to replace your coffee or as a sweet treat in the afternoon. Masala Chai is made with cinnamon, cardamom, anise and ginger. An extremely rich and aromatic combination of spices that has a delicious flavor. This tea is great for warming you up […]

Pink Hummus

Photo of a wide flat plate with a bowl of Pinky Hummus, and a piece of toast with the hummus on the side

This pink hummus recipe, does not just look amazing, but also tastes really good. A good recipe for children, especially if they refuse to eat chickpeas. The beautiful, bright appetizer will be a highlight for both children and adults. Not only are beets delicious and add vibrant color to any meal and this pink hummus, […]

Tridosha Balancing Smoothie Recipe

In the image there is a glass of the result of the tridosha balancing smoothie recipe, in a glass cup with a glass straw. The glass is on top of a decorated red tray and next to it there is also a bowl with diced mango and a small plate with the three powdered supplements used in the recipe. Next to the tray there is a white vase of pink flowers and a decorative Buddha statue. In the background of the image you can see a beautiful green lawn.

This tridosha balancing smoothie recipe is packed with antioxidants and is made with three valuable natural supplements: triphala, wheatgrass and matcha. This combination of superfoods comes together in this delicious mango smoothie. We could almost call it a medicine, but one that tastes good, is natural and has no bad side effects. Benefits of using […]

Mung beans pumpkin stew

photo of Mung beans stew with pumpkin and rice on a blue plate with brown border. Next to the plate is a golden spoon

This mung beans stew with pumpkin and rice recipe is a complete, creamy, extremely nutritious and delicious meal! Easy to digest, rich in flavour, and is perfect for a lunch or dinner in the autumn. This plant-based dish is rich in protein, using mung beans, quinoa and rice as a source of protein and carbohydrates. […]

Glowy skin smoothie

Photo of a double glass glass of glowy skin smoothie on top of a decorated red tray, along with a green flower vase.

This smoothie recipe will make your skin glowy, it’s a green, delicious smoothie that will provide valuable nutrients for your skin. You might consider changing your beauty routine, and instead of applying a collagen serum to your skin, make yourself this smoothie.A healthy diet and collagen supplements are better ways to get your skin healthy […]

Zucchini Salty Cake

Photo of Zucchini Salty Cake on a decorated brown plate. Next to the plate are cutlery on top of a decorated napkin.

This Zucchini Salty Cake is an compact lunch that delivers protein, fat, healthy carbohydrates, and a lot of fibers. This recipe is realy tasty and you can eat it warm or cold. Zucchini is an incridible vegetable, it has a lot fiber and micronutrients and only few calories, it’s very nutritious and helps you stay […]

Chocolate pecan smoothie

Photo of a hand holding a glass of Pecan chocolate smoothie. In the background of the image there is grass.

This chocolate pecan smoothie is a dream for chocolate lovers who want to eat healthy, but still indulge in their favorite sweet delight. This smoothie offers a healthy, nutritious alternative to classic chocolate desserts, which are often packed with sugar and unhealthy processed fats. Overall, it is not about the isolated ingredients and their potentially […]

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