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Ayurveda means life wisdom or life science, the term comes from Sanskrit and is made of the words Ayus (life) and Veda (knowledge). Moreover, it’s a combination of experience and philosophy that focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects that are important to human health. As a result, Ayurveda has a holistic claim.‚Äč

Image of masala chai in a beige mug with brown edges. The mug is on a decorated red tray and next to it is a heart-shaped glass bowl with dried fruits.

This Masala Chai is a delicious, energizing tea that can be used to replace your coffee or as a sweet treat in the afternoon.

With this sweet potato coconut soup recipe, you not only balance your¬†doshas¬†but also nourish your body from within. The perfect dinner for a good night’s sleep!

This Matcha chia pudding with strawberries recipe is an easy breakfast that gives you energy thanks to matcha, antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats.

A foamy golden milk version with great anti-inflammatory properties.

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