Try these Morning Yoga tips to reduce daily stress in seven minutes. We currently live in a stress epidemic, we see the number of anxiety and other mental health problems growing at an alarming rate throughout the world every year, and one of the main causes of this is the excess of stress present in our lives.

We are always in a hurry, always running everywhere and this creates a huge mental overload. Especially when we’ve already started the day like this.

To greatly reduce your daily stress and the physical and mental health problems associated with it, you must start the day in a calm and pleasant way. Starting the day calmly helps us enter a mental state of calm and focus, avoiding anxiety that for many of us can be paralyzing.

Watch the video to see a demonstration of the exercises and understand their importance

Moreover, anxiety often forms a vicious cycle in our lives. We can’t do everything we need to do because we feel anxious and tired, which is why we end up feeling more guilty and anxious and end up overworking ourselves, spending more hours working and/or having sleep problems. These sleep problems, overwork and stress make us more anxious, fueling this cycle.

To help you start your day more calmly, we will bring you some simple Yoga tips, which are very quick and easy to do and will help you to start the day with more calm and focus and reduce your anxiety over time.

Stress for Ayurveda and Yoga

For Ayurveda, stress is concentrated in three regions of the body: pelvic, heart and cervicals. When we are suffering from excess stress, the body signals these areas.

The first part it focuses on is the pelvic region, where we feel a lot of pressure and a lot of blockage when we are under stress and anxiety. The second is the heart point, when you feel pressure in that area. This usually occurs when we are unable to express our feelings, whenever we keep them in we feel this pressure in the heart region, this process generates stress and anxiety. Finally, we have the cervical area, where stress manifests itself as tension in the shoulders and neck. This area is especially affected when we have a lot of work that we can’t complete in the desired time, or that we can’t finish. This creates pressure in the cervical area and problems sleeping.

First morning yoga tip to reduce stress

This trick is very simple and easy to do. It must be the first thing you do when you wake up, before you get out of bed.

Second morning yoga tip to reduce stress

The second trick is to chant Om first thing in the morning when you wake up, after the first trick.

Try try to apply these morning Yoga tips to reduce daily stress in seven minutes. Starting the morning this way every day will make you feel much more energetic and focused on carrying out your tasks, with less stress and anxiety.

Yoga and Ayurveda can help you in different areas of your life. For more Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises check out this page here.

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