Guru Purnima 2024 is coming

In 2024, Guru Purnima day is on June 21st, a very important day for the world of meditation. Because on that day we connect with a master, if there is one. If you don’t have a Guru, is a day to connect with the universe. So what is Guru Purnima? Guru is a teacher who […]

Gyan Mudra

Photo of a person with their legs crossed, with their hands on their knees, with their thumbs touching their index fingers and the other fingers stretched out. In the photo, only the legs, hands and wrists are visible. Next to the image there is the text: "what are mudras", "Gyan Mudra Mudra of knowledge" in Spanish

Today we will talk about Gyan Mudra. Surely you have seen somewhere an image of a person meditating or doing Yoga making gestures with their hands, these hand gestures are called Mudras. What is Gyan Mudra? Gyan Mudra is the knowledge mudra, it is widely used when we want to learn something, to transmit knowledge, […]

Meditation for beginners

Image with the icon of a man sitting cross-legged and hands above his knees, eyes closed, in meditation. Above the icon there is the text in yellow: "Meditation for beginners" in Spanish. The background of the image is green.

Mediation is often a big challenge for beginners, the most common myth about meditation is that in order to meditate you need to empty your mind and fight your thoughts. This is what makes people who often need meditation the most stay away from it. Meditation is an extremely important practice to calm the mind, […]

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