Discover the Calming Power of Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari is a Pranayama with calming power to instantly relax your mind. The word “Bhramari” comes from bee, and this practice involves creating a gentle vibration in your body, mimicking the humming sound of a bee, which brings a sense of tranquility and mental clarity. To see a demonstration, watch the video below from our […]

Guru Purnima 2024 is coming

In 2024, Guru Purnima day is on June 21st, a very important day for the world of meditation. Because on that day we connect with a master, if there is one. If you don’t have a Guru, is a day to connect with the universe. So what is Guru Purnima? Guru is a teacher who […]

Yoga for lungs

Photo of a man sitting with his legs crossed and his hands open over his chest. Next to it is the text in black: "Yoga for lungs" in Spanish. Below the text there is an icon of a lung. The background of the image is a gradient between blue and yellow colors.

This Yoga breathing technique has many benefits, in addition to the lungs it brings benefits to the mind, to reduce stress, liver and pancreas. Furthermore, it also helps people who have insomnia and feel pressure in their chest or mind. As soon as you start practicing you will feel relaxed. Step-by-step In this Yoga practice […]

5 Yoga Exercises for Neck and Cervical Spine

Image of a blue man from the back, showing the bones with the neck and cervical area highlighted in orange. The background of the image is blue, with the texts in white: "Yoga for neck and cervical", "very easy", "Yoga", written in Spanish.

We will teach you 5 Yoga Exercises for Neck and Cervical Spine that can be done to alleviate the pains. Due to poor working posture, especially when using a computer or cell phone, neck and cervical spine pain are very common. Don’t just do the exercises when you’re feeling pain. Also do this to ensure […]

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