Discover the Calming Power of Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari is a Pranayama with calming power to instantly relax your mind. The word “Bhramari” comes from bee, and this practice involves creating a gentle vibration in your body, mimicking the humming sound of a bee, which brings a sense of tranquility and mental clarity. To see a demonstration, watch the video below from our […]

10 minutes Evening yoga tips for a good sleep

Image with the icon of a man on his side with monk's clothing sitting with his legs crossed. In the center of the image there are the texts: "Yoga for night", "To sleep better", "very easy" in Spanish. The background of the image is green

Sleeping well is one of the main pillars of being healthy, physically and mentally. Try this 10 minutes Evening yoga tips for a good sleep Even more important than the amount of sleep each night is having high-quality, restful sleep. To help you sleep better, use these Yoga tips in your nighttime routine. To learn […]

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